A Daunting Historical Cycle Threatens Human Ingenuity

A Daunting Historical Cycle Threatens Human Ingenuity, by Al Fin.

For hundreds of thousands of years, people have been getting smarter in order to survive the challenges of a harsh existence. But apparently that very harshness and challenge was necessary to keep humans on the positive side of the historical cycle. Because we really don’t want to be on the negative side of that cycle …

During the middle ages in Europe, wealthier peple had more kids, often with large families. Poorer people often had one or zero surviving kids. Consequentially here was downward social mobility, due to the overflow of children at the top end of the social structure. Average IQ rose for centuries. The rate of technological progress increased, finally freeing humanity from the Malthusian trap for the first time ever from about 1800, starting in England. But this very success has changed the people.

German geneticist and historian Volkmar Weiss has constructed a compelling theory of cyclic historical determinism far more convincing than Karl Marx’ more famous and influential theory of historical determinism.

In a nutshell: As long as intelligent people continue to have sufficient numbers of intelligent children, an advanced society can continue to develop sophisticated problem-solving techniques using science, technology, and sound policy. But when intelligent people stop having sufficient numbers of intelligent children, the society falls into an unstoppable spiral of collapse which cannot be reversed by well-meaning leaders or citizens. Democratic societies become overwhelmed by large numbers of urbanized, socially and economically dependent — but voting — citizens, who lack the wherewithal to solve their own problems, much less those of the larger society. …

Today, we seem to be falling into an age of cultural rot and chaos, with most of our cultural institutions taken over by nonsensical voices of incremental decay. Can any modern leader fight a society-wide battle and win against the relentless waves of Dysgenics combined with free-falling cultural decline?

No. And that is the point that Weiss makes. If you are in a public position you cannot talk about the genetic foundations that advanced societies rest upon for their existence — you cannot even think about such things! …

Just a simple glimpse at the dysfunction on the streets of Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, New York City, Chicago — and perhaps your home town — will tell you that something has gone very badly wrong, which neither Joe Biden/Kamala Harris nor Donald Trump/Mike Pence will be able to solve to everyone’s satisfaction. The superficial schism between socialist anarchy and traditionalist order and prosperity is only a smokescreen covering a far deeper, more substantial, and more ominously dynamic struggle. …

The link between genes and intelligence is accepted implicitly by most thoughtful people, even by those who react angrily in public to the very idea of the heritability of intelligence. Similarly, evidence is strong for the heritability of “executive functions” of the brain — which are equally important to life success as general intelligence. Personality traits are also highly heritable. A good upbringing and education may compensate for some deficits, but in this day and age don’t count on it. Cultural decline plays just as much a role in Weiss’ negative cycle as dysgenic decline. …

The ratio of clever to not-clever minds is in decline. When do societies reach the point that they can no longer maintain their critical infrastructures? Consider the recent transition of Zimbabwe, and the ongoing transition of South Africa. Then consider what is happening in the no-go zones of cities in France, Sweden, the US, Brazil, and many other “modern” societies.

The one popular movie that touched on this topic was canned, never released, and exists only on YouTube. The famous scene from that movie:

Some topics are just too hard to discuss. More at the links.

There are two demographic trends currently reshaping the US:

  1. Immigration from the third world.
  2. Dystopian lowering of IQs as smarter women are encouraged to have careers rather than kids.

Is this what it was like before the fall of Rome?