The Democratic National Convention was a policy-free bore

The Democratic National Convention was a policy-free bore, by the Z-Man.

It used to be that the political conventions were must see TV for anyone that took their politics and citizenship seriously. Even partisans would watch the other party convention, just to be informed. That pretty much went away entirely in the 1990’s when the Clintons came to power. They introduced all the wretched public relations tactics that are with us today. The conventions are orgies of partisan bomb throwing and petty name calling, making them unwatchable.

In the world of lies, you can’t consume these events via news reports, because the news reports are just paid ads for the uniparty. Joe Biden could have wandered onto the stage in his bathrobe, talked about which pills he takes after breakfast and the reports would have called it an historic speech. Every news outlet is calling his speech “the one he has prepared all his life to deliver.” They started saying that before it was delivered, meaning they were fed the line by the party. …

How many people bothered to watch is a mystery. Again, in the world of lies we will be told the entire nation tuned in to watch this doddering old fool. The convention did not draw flies for the week, so the guess is Biden was mumbling to the choir. That’s what has made these things unwatchable. They used to be a sales pitch to the general public, but these days they are the sales pitch to the craziest of crazy partisans.

They say that politics is show business for ugly people. The people in show business are also much better actors.