In Dark and Divisive Speech, Obama Seeks to Turn Back Clock on America

In Dark and Divisive Speech, Obama Seeks to Turn Back Clock on America, a parody by Andrew Stiles, of Barack Obama’s speech attacking Donald Trump yesterday at the Democrat convention.

To the delight of professional journalists, former President Barack Obama gave a jaw-dropping speech at the Democratic convention on Wednesday. Its dark and divisive tone signaled an attempt to drag America backwards by electing the man who served for eight years as his vice president.

Obama’s speech was the rhetorical equivalent of a culture war Hiroshima blast. It offered some token words of praise for Joe Biden, whom he repeatedly urged not to run, but was infused with the desperate rantings of a man who needs to be praised. “He made me a better president,” Obama said, effortlessly hogging the spotlight as usual. …

Political journalist Tim Alberta argued that Obama’s speech was “without precedent” in that it was “the sharpest criticism a former president has *ever made* of a sitting president.”

Obama went on to call for a great redefining of America, urging citizens to “give our democracy new meaning” and “take” the country back to a “better place” — where he is still the president. At one point, Obama urged Democrats to engage in “voting like never before,” a possible dog whistle endorsing the use of voter fraud.

“Barack Obama just delivered the finest convention speech in modern history (again),” mused Politico reporter Ryan Lizza on Twitter.

Where would Obama and his wife be without constantly referring to their color? Racists through and through.

And how did they get so rich on their public service salaries? They own a couple of $10+ million houses, but the US presidential salary is only $400k per year.

We watched the highlights of the speech, but didn’t hear anything more than name-calling — a lot of negative assertions, neither provable nor disprovable.