Johannes Leak cartoon shows that the left just can’t handle the truth

Johannes Leak cartoon shows that the left just can’t handle the truth, by Jacinta Price.

What has the left flock all fluttering and squawking is Johannes Leak’s cartoon lampooning Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s words about “brown and black girls”. But there was not a single feather ruffled about the terms when Biden originally used them.

From Biden’s introduction of Kamala Harris as his running mate (see 2:10 in the video for his “little Black and brown girls” remark):

It’s another example of the imputation that everybody on the right is racist and nobody on the left could possibly be.

Those on the left are so blinkered ideologically that they cannot see, or cannot admit, that their condescending identity politics and tokenism are rooted in racism. …

Instead of being offended by this blatant playing of the identity politics card, which stereotypes people with racial tropes, the left takes to the barricades over a cartoon that uses Biden’s own words against him. The cartoon incisively skewers Biden — a former vice-president — for choosing a running mate not on the weight of her career and achievements but because of the identity politics appeal of her skin colour and her gender.

Imagine the left’s reaction had US President Donald Trump announced the appointments of Small Business Administrator Jovina Carranza as “bringing hope to Mexican girls” or Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao as “bringing hope to Asian girls” — let alone referring to them as perhaps “brown” or “yellow”. …

It is assumed by the left that to overcome racism we must follow the principles of identity politics and appoint individuals to positions of power because of the colour of their skin and/or their gender. We are then reduced to the colour of our skin and our gender, not recognised as human and not recognised on the basis of merit.

The “blacks live matter” guff from white leftists is insincere and patronizing. It’s merely a result of the identity politics strategy, adopted 25 years ago after they tired of championing the deplorable working class. It’s designed to make them look good and vote them into power.

hat-tip Stephen Neil