‘Social Justice’ Is Extortion

‘Social Justice’ Is Extortion, by Philip Salzman.

The Mafia is not as good at extortion as “social justice” activists. Feminists and race activists have successfully invoked moralism to demand preferences, special benefits, and power. The legal cover for this extortion comes in the form of “affirmative action” and “diversity.”

Feminists, under the guise of “equality,” have striven to replace men and dominate in their place. In this, they have been largely successful. For sixty years, they have demanded and received preference in college admissions and funding, university and business hiring and grants, and appointment to administrations and positions of power. In arenas where they have pushed men out, for example in universities where female students now approach 60% to men’s 40%, they do not demand “equality” for men, but rather push for dominance in the few, majority male fields remaining, such as engineering and science.

While they claim the high ground of “social justice,” they are quite ready to use their power against men. Accusations of “sexual harassment” or “rape” are sufficient, without evidence, to “cancel” a man. Do not dare to deny a female whatever she wants, for a scorned female will cancel you. In all universities, but spreading throughout business and governments, there are “diversity and inclusion” and Title IX officers, feminist all, whose job it is to vilify and destroy any male against whom an accusation is made. And that includes anyone who contradicts the feminist narrative. …

Blacks, Hispanics, and other “people of color” have been given preferences for admissions, funding, and jobs for sixty years under “affirmative action.” Those at universities, now fully out of control, have demanded and received from spineless administrators segregated socializing, eating, and sleeping facilities, as well as special ceremonies. Race activists claim that all of these special benefits are justified by “slavery,” which no contemporary African American has ever experienced, or by the fictitious “systemic racism” that exists without any actual human racists. …

Meanwhile, anti-male sexism and anti-white racism have been normalized as “social justice.” So, feminism and race activism were never really about equality and justice, but about revenge against “oppressors,” about flipping the hierarchy in favor of females and “people of color,” and against men and whites (and, remarkably, against Asian people of color, who were granted dishonorable honorable-white status and discriminated against because they are too successful).

Personally I prefer “justice”. Having to qualify “justice” suggests there is some injustice going on — as is indeed the case with social justice.