Black and white America are like an old unhappy couple who cannot divorce

Black and white America are like an old unhappy couple who cannot divorce, by David Cole.

Yes, our current turmoil does indeed demonstrate how bad things have gotten regarding black America. If there is a “black problem,” it would be difficult to describe it as anything other than irresolvable.

White and black America are like an old married couple who’ve spent an eternity in counseling, to no avail. One partner has tried time and again to follow every piece of advice to make the relationship work. That partner earnestly committed to being an active listener, a thoughtful lover, the first to concede error and imperfections, and the first to back down to avoid a fight.

The other partner, though being the one who demanded the counseling in the first place, spends the entirety of the sessions grinding teeth and seething with silent hostility. And, once home, the smallest crisis shatters the facade of progress, as that partner explodes with rage and violence in a flurry of punches and kicks accompanied by a recited litany of every wrong — real or imagined — suffered since the first date.

It’s the kind of relationship where the only good advice is “end it.” But we can’t end it. So it becomes an ongoing, eternal headache. …

The most politically-incorrect part:

The problem with black America is that a large percentage of blacks want something that can never be — equality of outcome, not just opportunity. Blacks are their own “border wall”; their own limitations are what they must scale, and most can’t. Hence there’ll be eternal conflict, because their inability to achieve the status they seek will keep them forever angry and resentful.

The left keeps talk of group IQ differences and their significance strictly verboten, while using “systemic racial inequality” as their excuse to re-order society. Suppressing certain truths and promoting PC fantasies is working well for the left here.