NYC Is Dead Forever?

NYC Is Dead Forever? By Robert Wenzel.

Have the lefties destroyed NYC (and San Francisco and Chicago forever)? It is possible. I see moving vans all over the city of San Franciso. The furniture is always being carried into the vans, not the other way around.

The combination of the COVID-19 lockdowns and the rioting done under the name of Black Lives Matter, under lefty leaders, have delivered a powerful blow to once vibrant cities. …

So the big question is: Do these cities come back or are they doomed to become different versions of the next Detroit at its lowest point?

Midtown, reopened by empty

Remember if the tax base flees these cities, and the base appears to be fleeing, these cities are going to have serious problems. This is what central planning, always a blunt instrument, is best at—destroying life, vibrancy and greatness. …

If New York City does collapse as a great city, … I predict new great cities will emerge. Perhaps in Florida, perhaps specifically Miami.

James Altucher:

Midtown Manhattan, the center of business in NYC, is empty. Even though people can go back to work, famous office buildings like the Time-Life skyscraper are still 90% empty. Businesses have realized that they don’t need their employees at the office.

In fact, they’ve realized they are even more productive with everyone at home. The Time-Life Building can handle 8,000 workers. Now it maybe has 500 workers back. …

Another friend of mine works at a major investment bank as a managing director. Before the pandemic, he was at the office every day, sometimes working from 6 a.m.–10 p.m.

Now he lives in Phoenix, Arizona. “As of June,” he told me, “I had never even been to Phoenix.” And then he moved there. He does all his meetings on Zoom. …

NYC has never been locked down for five months. Not in any pandemic, war, financial crisis, never. In the middle of the polio epidemic, when little kids (including my mother) were becoming paralyzed or dying (my mother ended up with a bad leg), NYC didn’t go through this. …

In early March, many people (not me), left NYC when they felt it would provide safety from the virus and they no longer needed to go to work and all the restaurants were closed. People figured, “I’ll get out for a month or two and then come back.”

They are all still gone.

And then in June, during rioting and looting, a second wave of NYCers (this time including me) left. I have kids. Nothing was wrong with the protests but I was a little nervous when I saw videos of rioters after curfew trying to break into my building.

Many people left temporarily but there were also people leaving permanently. Friends of mine moved to Nashville, Miami, Austin, Denver, Salt Lake City, Dallas, etc.

Now a third wave of people is leaving. But they might be too late. Prices are down 30–50% on both rentals and sales no matter what real estate people tell you. And rentals are soaring in the second- and third-tier cities.

Derek Halpern:

In the last week:

  • I watched a homeless person lose his mind and start attacking random pedestrians. Including spitting on, throwing stuff at, and swatting.
  • I’ve seen several single parents with a child asking for money for food. And then, when someone gave them food, tossed the food right back at them.
  • I watched a man yell racist slurs at every single race of people while charging, then stopping before going too far.

And worse. …

My favorite park is Madison Square Park. About a month ago a 19-year-old girl was shot and killed across the street.

I don’t think I have an answer but I do think it’s clear: it’s time to move out of NYC.

I’m not the only one who feels this way, either. In my building alone, the rent has plummeted almost 30% — more people are moving away than ever before.

It’s not goodbye yet. But a lifelong New Yorker is thinking about it.