Israel-UAE peace deal a triumph for Donald Trump and ‘Trump-whisperer’ Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel-UAE peace deal a triumph for Donald Trump and ‘Trump-whisperer’ Benjamin Netanyahu, by Greg Sheridan.

It is the first peace treaty between an Arab state and Israel since that with Jordan in 1994. It is only the third ever peace treaty between Israel and an Arab nation, after Egypt and Jordan.

Netanyahu has promised as part of the deal to indefinitely suspend declaring Israeli sovereignty over parts of the West Bank. …

Why did Trump succeed where light-worker and Nobelist Obama fail?

In terms of Middle East peace deals, it is Trump 1, Obama 0.

Indeed if Obama had secured anything as useful as this, surely Nobel prizes would have been insufficient recognition for him. Surely beatification would have followed.

But this deal could not have come about under Obama because the Israelis didn’t trust Obama.

Not only that, the Obama White House would have thought diplomatic recognition of Israel by its neighbours was leverage to be withheld until Israel made further concessions or endorsed the Obama approach to peace making, which the Israeli government always thought compromised its security. …

All the denunciations, florid or learned, of Trump moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and how this would rule out any progress on peace while ever Trump was in office and the move was not reversed, is now seen as pure baloney. …

For American left liberals, the result is truly horrific, surely their worst nightmare: could it be that Trump is actually right about the Middle East and they are wrong?