Government Was Once About Protecting Life and Property – Until the Modern Democrat Party Came Along

Government Was Once About Protecting Life and Property – Until the Modern Democrat Party Came Along. By Don Feder.

Democrats won’t let the police protect you. Democrats won’t let you protect yourself. Democrats are encouraging the wave of crime and anarchist violence that’s sweeping our cities. So, who ya gonna call when your house is on fire — Trump or Biden?

Thanks to mis-named progressives, government has failed at its essential function — public safety.

Governments were needed for protecting the tribe and public safety.

It worked pretty well, until the post-McGovern Democratic Party came along. “We don’t need walls? What a waste — and, besides, they’re racist. Common sense spear control, that’s the ticket. Health care will keep the barbarians happy.” …

At an August 4 Senate hearing on anarchist violence, not one Democrat would denounce Antifa. Sen. Mazie Hirono said Republicans were attacking peaceful protests and left in a huff. Sen. Dick Durban went into his First Amendment shuffle – as if firebombs equaled free speech. …

It’s not your father’s Democratic Party — unless your father was Saul Alinsky. Its answer to the urban crime wave: why, “common sense gun control,” of course. In the cities mentioned above, it’s easier to elect a Republican than get a gun legally. …

Soros is undermining public safety:

The St. Louis couple who chose to defend their lives and property with firearms are bring prosecuted by Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner …  Gardner is tough on self-defense but gentle on crime.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt says after seeing “police officers being shot, a retired police captain being murdered, people throwing rocks, gasoline and frozen water bottles at police officers, firefighters being assaulted and blocked from doing their job, businesses that have served the community for decades burned to the ground, it’s unfathomable that every single person arrested that night (the first night of rioting) has been released,” by Gardner’s office.

Less of a mystery, perhaps, in light of the fact that Gardner has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Soros Super-PAC in her three campaigns for her current office.

Can’t wait for this trend in modern progressive government to reach Australia.