Coronavirus: Identity politics focus diverts attention from real issues

Coronavirus: Identity politics focus diverts attention from real issues, by Bella D’Abrera.

If you want to know what is going wrong in Victoria, all you need do is look at a job being advertised on Seek by the state’s Department of Justice and Community Safety. The department wishes to hire a “director, inclusion and intersectionality”, for which it is offering a generous salary of $192,800-$249,700 plus superannuation. …

This ad epitomises everything that is wrong with the Victorian government. In a single job description, it explains the reason the government is incapable of running a quarantine program or looking after the elderly. Instead of doing what it should be doing, which is governing, it is putting all its resources into a vast social experiment based on an ideology of social justice, intersectionality, and identity politics.

This has come to light in the past few days with revelations that the [Department of Health and Human Services] DHHS farmed out its responsibilities to the [Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions] DJPR by putting it in charge of the hotel quarantine program. As revealed in The Age newspaper, the DJPR and its international trade agency, Global Victoria, were responsible for engaging private security firms for hotel quarantine.

The reason for selecting Unified Security, an indigenous-owned security company that was not on the government’s preferred panel of security suppliers, was supposedly driven by an attempt to provide jobs under “social inclusion” policies. …

Those in charge of the hotel quarantine approached the job at hand as if it were a lavish junket. They even made a self-congratulatory video in which they referred to the task as “one massive inbound super trade mission which keeps rolling … which has been a really exciting project” rather than a serious quarantine operation in which there was so much at stake. …

Victoria, indeed Australia, would not be in today’s predicament had these departments spent time and resources on real issues, not activism. We know from reports that the contact tracing and pandemic team in the DHHS was severely under-resourced.

The government of Daniel Andrews appears to be operating in a different kind of reality in which it is blatantly more concerned with social engineering than it is healthcare. This is because most of the government departments are staffed and run by individuals who have spent years in the humanities departments of our universities, which, of course, are mired in identity politics, social justice, postmodernism and pseudo-Marxism.

According the DHHS cultural and diversity plan, it not only has 18 diversity “deliverables” but it also claims that its commitment to diversity is “central to our goal of achieving better outcomes to all Victorians”.

Tell this to the people of Victoria who are now living under the most draconian measures imposed on an Australian population since days of the penal colony, thanks to the hotel quarantine fiasco. Tell this to the thousands of Victorians who have lost their jobs — perhaps even family members.

Postmodern stupidity has consequences. The modern left is unfit to govern until it gets back to the real world.