The Absolution Ticket

The Absolution Ticket, by the Z-Man.

The curious thing about the Biden choice is it does not fit the popular theories for running mate selection. The most popular reason for selecting a running mate is they help in their home state. We know the old Rust Belt states will be where the election is decided, so picking a brown senator from California does not help there. Harris also has a strong hate-whitey vibe to her, which tends not to go over well with the white working-class types in these states.

Then there is the fact that Harris as the charm of a DMV clerk. In fact, she reminds people of every trip to get their license renewed. She is sour and unpleasant, even when she is professional and efficient. There is a reason she could not draw flies during the primaries. She was so obnoxious in the debates she was forced to drop out before the Iowa caucus. If it were possible for people to cast negative votes, she would have been the first to poll less than zero percent.

The real reason lies in the desire for white lefties like Biden for absolution from blacks.

Joe Biden liked Harris better than the other options. The most likely reason for that is she called him a racist, but was still willing to be his running mate. Biden picked the black looking woman who was willing to give him absolution for his white privilege.

It sounds nutty, but we live in a deranged age. This summer, the Left has been convulsing the country with demands that white people atone for their privilege and racism, so what better way than a ticket that reflects that sensibility?

For people like Joe Biden, this is the national unity ticket. He is the symbol of the white people being pushed aside by the riot of non-whites. Harris is the symbol of the ascendant class of non-whites, ready to take over and forgive the old whites.

To most people, this does not register, but inside politics and inside the Progressive warrens, this is powerful magic. They really believe this stuff. An article of faith on the Left is that the sin of racism will only be cleansed from the nation when whites are no longer in charge of the country. The statue toppling and erasing of names from the history books are a symbolic spilling of blood to cleans our soul. Rather than human sacrifices, we are renaming celestial bodies.

For white liberals of Biden’s generation, race is the only salient issue. … They really do think racial justice is the key to their salvation. Biden was certainly hurt by Harris in the primary, so when she was eager to join the ticket, he felt like a man getting absolution.

Or perhaps she’s simply the least worst of the current “black” female Democrats. Not that there’s any room in the Democrat Party for racism* or sexism*.

* redefinitions pending