Why Kamala Harris won the VP contest

Why Kamala Harris won the VP contest, by David Axlerod at CNN. First the good spin…

In choosing Kamala Harris, Biden selected the candidate who had been the frontrunner among political handicappers and betting markets for months….

Voters viewed her as among the most qualified to be president on Day One — a key positive, given Biden’s status as potentially the oldest politician to ever serve as president. …

In the end, Biden seriously considered others but returned to Harris as the “do no harm” candidate, unlikely to thrill or outrage many. …

Harris has been publicly vetted, at least partially, through her race for the White House. …

By naming her, Biden likely also has set the dynamics for the 2024 election, not just the current one. The former Vice President has not said he would stand down after one term, though given the fact that he would be 81 by the next election, it is widely assumed he would not run.

This also will place Harris in not only an historic but a historically challenging position if the Biden-Harris ticket wins. She immediately would be installed as heir apparent and putative frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination four years from now.

There is a reasonable chance she will be leader of the free world for almost eight years.

But not a good chance. The way things are shaping up, Trump will win easily. There will be several major lessons for the left:

  • You lost touch with voters, because you increasingly hide out in your media echo chamber where contrary facts (“reality”) are cancelled.
  • Internet and media dominance is not enough. The news leaks out. (They say the greatest enemy of the Soviet Union was the photocopier.)
  • The left needs to persuade people, not merely tell them what to do and scream “racist”.
  • Promoting increasingly naked tribalism against the largest tribe is foolhardy.
  • Identity politics — and the sexism, racism, and bigotry it entails — ultimately antagonizes more voters and their sense of fairness than can be bought off.
  • Running a candidate so unwell that he has to be hidden from the public cannot be excused.
  • Tacitly encouraging rioting is not acceptable to the mainstream.
  • Don’t let the extremists run your party.