What the media can and can’t say about Biden’s running mate

What the media can and can’t say about Biden’s running mate, by Paul Mirengoff.

A group called “We Have Her Back” has sent a remarkable memo to “News Division Heads, Editors in Chiefs, Bureau Chiefs, Political Directors, Editors, Producers, Reporters, and Anchors.” In the memo, the authors tell the media leaders how to cover the female whom Joe Biden will select as his running mate. They even graciously offer to provide the mainstream media with guidance as the campaign progresses. And they warn that they “will be watching you.” …

What, specifically, is off the table? Would it be out-of-bounds to point out that Kamala Harris’ rise in politics began with jobs she got with the help of a powerful, married male politician with whom she was having an affair? …

The memo from assorted Democratic operatives is a response to an obvious problem Joe Biden faces. He has decided to discriminate on the basis of gender, and possibly race, in selecting his vice presidential candidate.

Having artificially restricted the pool, he is choosing from a fairly undistinguished lot. To make things dicier, the public knows there is a good chance that, if Biden is elected, his running mate will become president before there is another presidential election.

How to get around this problem? Try to silence the media.

In other words, the “back” these feminists “have” is really Joe Biden’s.

Will they be able to induce media silence about Biden’s running mate? That’s probably the wrong question. The right questions are (1) whether the mainstream media needs to be induced and (2) whether the mainstream media has the power to control the narrative over Biden’s running mate. ..

Let’s conclude by noting the obvious hypocrisy of the “We Have Her Back” group. As Karen Townsend says:

“It is as though these liberal women expect conservatives to forget how Sarah Palin was treated. Democrats said she was uneducated, ignorant, possibly having a child that wasn’t her husband’s, a hick from Alaska, she wore the wrong clothes, she didn’t speak well, they mocked her religion, and so on. It was hideous.”

It’s different this time, just because.