George Floyd: The Big Lie

George Floyd: The Big Lie, by Jim Goad. Some excerpts from a longish article.

Everyone on planet Earth as well as every last penguin in Antarctica has seen the nine-minute video of Derek Chauvin kneeling on the side of George Floyd’s neck. Mind you, he wasn’t kneeling on his throat, because you can choke someone by doing that. …

Bodycam footage was suppressed, but now it’s out:

Because everyone in the American mainstream media was too scared to do it, last week the UK’s Daily Mail leaked bodycam footage from … the two Minneapolis cops who initially responded to the call and dealt with Floyd for several minutes before Chauvin and another officer … arrived to assist.

Minnesota’s Antifa-friendly Attorney General Keith Ellison — and who, as luck would have it, happens to be black, not that there’s anything wrong with it or that any of what I’ve just told you would bias him in such cases — has been aware of this footage since late May and suppressed it from being leaked long enough for rioters to burn half the country down. …

Floyd was a criminal caught in the act:

One crucial element of the story that The Narrative conveniently omits in most retellings is the fact that police were responding to a call from a convenience-store clerk who said Floyd tried passing a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill to him only moments earlier. …

Resisting arrest:

From the first second of his interaction with police, Floyd begins screaming and crying and lying.

Oh — and resisting arrest, just like in every last one of these high-profile cases. Police had to tell him seven times to put his hands on the steering wheel before he complied. When he finally gets out of the car, he keeps falling to the ground on purpose and stiffening when they attempt to cuff him. He keeps thrashing and squirming as they struggle to get him in the squad car’s backseat. …

They order him at least a half-dozen times to get into the police SUV, and he refuses each time.

In legal terms, Floyd was “actively” resisting them, and legally they had the right at that point to club him with batons to force him into the car. But they didn’t.

He kept resisting once they were able to get him in the car, too. Much has been made of the fact that Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes. Hardly anyone mentions the fact that Floyd resisted arrest for longer than that.

He died of a drug overdose, possibly because of an accidental release due to hooping gone wrong:

Due to Floyd’s bizarre behavior, police suspected he was on PCP.

Kueng: You got foam around your mouth, too?

Floyd: Yes, I was just hooping earlier.

“Hooping” refers to the act of inserting something into your rectum, either to hide as contraband or as a way to administer drugs. Since an autopsy concluded that the level of fentanyl in Floyd’s blood was higher than the average level of fentanyl in overdose victims, it’s reasonable to suggest that’s what he meant by “hooping.” …

According to the CDC, symptoms of a fentanyl overdose include “foaming at the mouth…and confusion or strange behavior before the person became unresponsive.” …

At most, a few dozen unarmed Americans, both black and white, die at the hands of police every year.

Over 30,000 Americans die of fentanyl overdoses every year. …

He said “I can’t breathe” 11 times, and “I’m gong to die” five times, before he even lay down and was restrained by the knee on his neck.

Before I stopped counting, I found at least eleven instances of Floyd saying “I can’t breathe” before he was finally placed on the ground and Chauvin knelt on his neck. He said this at least eleven times both while standing and while in the back of the SUV — when no one was touching his neck. …

I also counted him saying he was going to die at least five times before he was placed on the ground. So either his body was in hyperdrive because he realized he was having an adverse reaction to drugs, or a Little Black Angel suddenly appeared on his shoulder and prophesied that an Evil White Knee was about to come down on his neck and kill him. …

The big lie:

The Big Lie is that this had anything to do with race. One of the four cops is Asian, and one is half-black. At no point is race mentioned. Not once. There is zero evidence that cops restrained him for any other reason than the fact that he had just committed a crime and was resisting arrest.

If George Floyd had been white, he’d be dead, too.

The only difference is that you never would have heard his name.

Well, that plus the fact that we’d still have a country.

It’s important to realize how much the PC narrative lied by omitting relevant facts. Like the “hands up, don’t shoot” and Trayvon Martin incidents, we the public were had, by lefties with an agenda.