Chicago Raises Bridges After Unrest and Looting Batters Downtown

Chicago Raises Bridges After Unrest and Looting Batters Downtown, by Noah Rothman.

News consumers can be forgiven for assuming that the unrest in America’s cities that erupted after George Floyd’s death had largely abated. Media’s coverage of that lawlessness has certainly ebbed, but, as events in Chicago on Sunday night demonstrated, the organized assaults on American cities did not. …

Black looters matter:

Hundreds of rioters descended on the city center — shuttled into the chaos by what seemed to be a dedicated fleet of vehicles. Cars were used to ram storefronts. A U-Haul truck appeared on the scene to facilitate the marauding. ATMs were ripped out of walls. Pharmacies were raided for prescription drugs. High-end retail storefronts were stripped bare.

This is a particularly brazen example of the lawlessness that American cities have been experiencing to some degree since the last week of May. Over the long, hot summer of 2020, cities across the country have been devastated by organized mob violence.


Chicago officials raised bridges and suspended some train and bus service Monday morning after unrest and looting caused widespread damage in the city’s downtown overnight.

John Hinderaker:

One notable feature of these videos is the absence of law enforcement. Police are hopelessly outnumbered, and looters, rioters and arsonists arrogantly assume that they can steal and burn to their hearts’ content with no interference.

Unfortunately, they are right. Few are arrested, those that are arrested are immediately set free, and the likelihood of criminal prosecution is negligible, especially in cities that have Soros-installed prosecutors who have pledged not to prosecute.

None of this is remotely viable, obviously. Through history, the normal practice has been to shoot looters. Rightly or wrongly, we are no longer willing to do that. The result, evidently, is that order cannot be maintained. Black Lives Matter sponsors riots and loot-fests, like the one last night in Chicago, with the apparently enthusiastic backing of big business and with not a word of criticism from any Democratic Party politician.

Steve Sailer:

The rationalization was some black criminal getting shot by the cops on the South Side.

Has anybody ever asked Joe Biden what his plan is for why this kind of thing won’t go on throughout his term?

What exactly are the Democrats thinking? Do they assume all this rioting and looting is just part of their plot to depose Trump, so as soon as he is gone, the rioters and looters will go home? Or do they figure that as long as they control the media, nobody will notice all the boarded up windows on Michigan Avenue, the most expensive shopping street between the coasts?

Far left activists have taken over so much of the Democrat Party that no Democrat politician has dared criticize “peaceful”, “political” rioting because systematic racism, George Floyd, etc.

Voters can see that their cities are being trashed by black looters and white anarchists. Will they vote Democrat for more of this?

It’s unusual for a major party in a western democracy to be pulled so far from the center, to be so out far out of alignment with the electorate. The move left was greatly assisted by a media echo chamber that didn’t give them feedback on how out of touch they are.

Expect a couple of election defeats to pull the Democrats back into line.

Alternatively, if by hook or by crook (such as mail in ballots) the Democrats win in November, and Trump loses, it will have a huge impact in Australia and the rest of the West because those countries will all move in the same direction. Those billionaires who’ve famously bought themselves farms etc in far-flung parts of NZ will find they’ve only bought themselves two or three years respite.