Australia and China are currently in a state of undeclared war

Australia and China are currently in a state of undeclared war. By David Archibald.

Australia and China are currently in a state of undeclared war. This will switch to actual war at a time of China’s choosing.

It is quite apparent that China has no intention of peaceful co-existence with the rest of the world. They have stated that themselves and in recent years have attacked most of their neighbouring countries, even Bhutan.

Just because China’s war of choice will be stupid and destructive doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. It seems that the Chinese feel the need to kill millions of non-Chinese in order to be able to feel better about themselves. The fate to be avoided is the Chinese jackboot grinding into our faces forever.

It is idiotic to have trade, cultural and investment relations with a country that will attack us and our allies. There has been a theory that China would open up politically as a consequence of its growth in trade. The opposite has happened. China is using its economic strength to attack its neighbouring countries, almost all of them. It follows that Australia should decouple from China as rapidly as possible and encourage our allies to also do that.

Beyond the mechanistic aspects of comprehensive national power, there are overarching moral reasons to decouple from China as rapidly as possible. China’s organ harvesting from live individuals is morally abhorrent and repugnant. China’s threat to attack a free country which is a positive force for good in the world, Taiwan, is morally abhorrent. …

With respect to Chinese buying of land and other assets in Australia, the principle of reciprocity should be applied. Australians aren’t allowed to buy land in China and so Chinese should not be allowed to buy land in Australia. …

Companies with any Chinese ownership should be precluded from being involved in construction projects in Australia. A case in point is John Holland which was bought by Chinese interests in 2014. Sourcing of fittings, pipes and other components was switched from Australian makers to Chinese ones which have far lower standards. Thus the lead contamination in the water at the Perth Children’s Hospital built by John Holland. Brass containing lead is much easier to machine than brass made to Australian specifications and, due to the endemic cheating in Chinese manufacturing, sick Australian children would have been poisoned due to John Holland. The fixtures responsible are being replaced by the WA Government. …

As the civilised world decouples from China then China will be left with largely third world economies to trade with, which would result in its economy by shrinking by at least 20% with no prospects for growth.

This is illustrated by the following graphic showing the relative size of the world’s civilizational groupings as per the classification system devised by Professor Samuel Huntington:

China, with a base of one seventh of the world’s economic activity, has aligned itself against two thirds of the world’s economic activity.

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Churchill was a lonely figure in British politics in the late 1930s, as he tried to warn of the impending war but was widely disbelieved. That doesn’t mean David is correct. But nor should he be dismissed just because we would prefer that war with China wasn’t on the cards.