Raising Muslim Kids as Foot-Soldiers

Raising Muslim Kids as Foot-Soldiers, by Radhika Singh. Among other examples:

For the first time in 70 years after being partitioned from India, the government of Islamic Pakistan spared a thought for the perennially persecuted minorities of the country. It decided on giving the handful of Hindus in Pakistan a Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu deity, Krishna. The construction had hardly commenced when Islamists attacked and vandalized the structure in progress. Numerous Pakistanis expressed their abject objection toward the sole Hindu temple being built, and fatwas were issued against its construction; but what drew the media’s attention to this part of the world (not the liberal print houses with a selective conscience) was a video posted by a Pakistani father featuring his two toddlers vowing to kill all Hindus if a Hindu temple was erected in Islamabad.

In the video, the Pakistani father greets fellow Pakistanis as “brothers and sisters” and introduces his two sons — aged no more than four years old. The camera focuses on the children, and the older one proclaims, “Mr. Imran Khan, if a temple is constructed in Islamabad, and then remember, I will kill all Hindus one by one. Understand? Allah Hafiz.” The younger one chimes in with an excited nod, the proud father then throws a challenge to the country chieftain, “See, now it is up to you.”

These are not mere children displaying their innocence to the world; they are future citizens, being raised with hate and bigotry. Their malleable minds are being criminalized from tender years, and they are being systematically conditioned to grow into adults with alarming instincts.

Islam’s ideas of its superiority, and intolerance of non-Muslims, is fourteen centuries old. A quarter of the world is now Islamic, and the penalty for leaving Islam is death. Hey, didn’t Tony Blair import lots of Pakistani Muslims into Britain recently?

Conditioning children to act with vehement disregard for non-Muslims is nothing new among Islamists. This practice is found across Asian countries with a thriving Muslim population and it’s being introduced to the West, step-by-step. …

In 2018, India Today carried out a sting operation on Kerala’s Madrassas and the findings exposed the seminaries programming impressionable minds with the objectives of ISIS. Their dream was to establish a universal caliphate, which they were determined to realize through a worldwide war. India Today quoted the joint secretary of a madrasa funded by a local trust:

“It’s there in our hearts. We share this with the children bit by bit. There’s no rush. A caliphate is not built in a day.”

Kerala supplies the maximum number of new recruits to ISIS from India. …

In 2011, CNN, a media house as leftist as it gets, spearheaded an investigation on what was being taught in Madrasas. … Kids were being trained to hate the Western world, the UK, and the Americas, and aspired to live the legacy of Osama Bin Laden. Usman Khan, the London Bridge attacker who was shot dead on November 29, 2019, aspired to start a Madrasa and terror training camp on his family-owned land in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and raise a fresh crop of jihadis.

While some children have their own families planting the seed of hate in their hearts, others develop this seed through their “schools.” Surrounded by and indoctrinated with hate, these youngsters’ futures are choreographed for violence and terror. Westerners need to know a lot more about the madrasas operating within their communities — and what these Islamic religious schools are filling children’s minds with and the dark journeys they’re setting them out on.

And to think western governments financially support Islamic schools in their midst. What could possibly go wrong?