The Waning Luxury of Being Color-Blind

The Waning Luxury of Being Color-Blind, by David Cole.

Beverly Hills is not an exclusive gated community. We’re a city of 34,000 people, half of them renters (our median income isn’t even in the top 10 of L.A. County). .. In 2016, the only district on the entire Westside that went for Trump was in Beverly Hills. Yes, Trump won here. …

We’re neither all wealthy, nor all leftists.

BLM is targeting us because of race, not wealth. The terrorists are under the impression that we’re a “white” city. Putting aside that we’re 30% Persian and heavily Jewish, BLM sees us as “white,” and what they’re workshopping here with the late-night residential raids is a form of terror not seen in America since the KKK’s midnight rides through black neighborhoods: the intentional disruption of life and security in neighborhoods that are specifically targeted because of the race of the residents.

The Alinsky types who comprise the brains behind the BLM brawn were quite clever to field-test the terror raids in Beverly Hills. They knew that rightists would cheer the sight of “Hollywood leftists getting what they deserve,” thus the tests could continue unimpeded by negative coverage from Fox or the right-wing blogosphere. That’s how predictable and easily manipulated the right is; BLM knew your spin before you did. Faced with a choice between intelligently strategizing a way to put the kibosh on this new antiwhite terror campaign, or profiting from it via juicy blog posts that positively spin the raids, most rightists chose the latter.

And while the right blogs, the left accomplishes. …

Simplified, SCOTUS ruled that you have no legal right to police protection. That’s why city leaders in hellholes like Portland, Seattle, and New York can legally do what they’re doing. They have absolutely no obligation to provide police protection for their citizens. The left’s beloved anarcho-tyranny is not a violation of your rights. As my favorite constitutional law scholar Eugene Volokh told me last week, “The remedy for inadequate policing is political — retaliation against elected officials at the polls — and not legal.”

But but but:

You may not have a right to police protection, but if the state is failing to provide that protection based on race — if race factors into that deprivation — your rights are being violated, and you have a case. …

The state can get away with tormenting its citizens, or allowing its citizens to be tormented, to a massive degree, as long as the torment is broad-based and not racially discriminatory.

The BLM terrorists have not hidden the racial nature of their targeted riots. Indeed, they’re proud of it. BLM leader Melina Abdullah boasted to the L.A. Times that BLM “wanted to go to places of white affluence” in order to bring “pain” to those communities.

And leftist mayors and neutered police chiefs are not providing aid to the victims of this race-based violence. Police departments all over Southern California were ordered to stand down and allow majority white areas to be trashed by rioters who were by their own admission targeting those areas for reasons of race. And while the Beverly Hills PD (and our mayor) stopped the residential raids cold, L.A. County politicians have promised to fight against the city’s protection of its residents.

Now, you folks can sit back like dicks and laugh at the plight of the whites in those areas (hyuk hyuk them liberal Hollywood jerks is gettin’ whut they deserve!), or you can be smart for once and realize that if this lunacy isn’t stopped in its infancy, it’ll soon be coming for you, wherever you live.

The problem is, if BLM is to be fought using anti-discrimination statutes and case law, that means white folks will have to use race-conscious legal arguments, just as nonwhites do. But decades of indoctrination have made white Americans reluctant to pursue any cause — even their own safety and well-being — in the name of their race.

But that may be the only way out. Whites have lost the luxury of being color-blind. There are laws on the books that can protect whites from BLM (and any other group that engages in specifically antiwhite violence), but only if whites seek protection as whites.

That’s a fine irony: “Anti-racist” groups like BLM may be forcing whites to become more racially conscious, as a defensive measure. In the end, BLM might be undone by the overtly racial nature of its brutal and merciless tactics.

Pay attention. This will spread throughout the West if not stopped.