YouTube Can’t Handle the Truth

YouTube Can’t Handle the Truth, by John Hinderaker. A few days ago we posted Heather MacDonald’s video presenting some (non-PC) facts about crime, race, and policing in the US. YouTube slapped restrictions on a similar video, then removed it.

According to YouTube, our video “has been identified by the YouTube community…” What does that mean? They got a complaint from a lefty? Two lefties? It is noteworthy that currently, the video has 3,400 “likes” and 50 “dislikes.” So it appears that the “YouTube community” overwhelmingly approves of the video. Unless YouTube takes the position that conservatives are not part of its “community.”

“…as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.” What audiences are those? Leftists? Democrats? People who are afraid of the truth? YouTube winds up with the warning, “Viewer discretion is advised.” Because Heather’s speech is too hot to handle. Of course, it has been viewed more than 78,000 times with an overwhelmingly positive response. Are left-wing videos on YouTube–BLM videos, for example– deemed “inappropriate or offensive to some audiences” and slapped with a similar warning label?

Just kidding. At the moment, YouTube is desperately trying to help elect Joe Biden president.

Steve Sailer:

A couple of decades ago, the Internet was based on non-proprietary standards with very few centralized chokepoints. Now it’s dominated by profit-making monopolists who can squeeze out anybody they feel like.