To Climate Change Extremists, Free Speech on Facebook Is Dangerous

To Climate Change Extremists, Free Speech on Facebook Is Dangerous, by Brian Maloney.

As America’s political middle ground gives way to sharp left-right divisions and even violence, there are winners and losers in the war on ideas. What in the recent past would have been considered up for debate, now shifts firmly into the “settled science” category by those who are intolerant of differing viewpoints.

In 2020, “winners” consist of those who control social media networks, of which a mere handful now have a stranglehold on the national conversation. Because these firms are primarily located in the ultra-liberal San Francisco Bay Area, their hiring pool has long consisted primarily of left-leaning employees.

With the inevitable temptation to use this incredible power to influence public sentiment and elections, leftists have had the inside advantage, leaving conservatives, moderates and others shut out of the debate almost entirely. …

Reeling from the 2016 election’s outcome and aftermath, Facebook began site reforms to regulate user content. That opened a Pandora’s box of criticism and scrutiny over censorship and the outright de-platforming of voices. A central target of that debate has become the suppression of voices that challenge left-leaning scientists’ prevailing opinions.

When it comes to climate change, Facebook has cared little for honest discussion and debate, instead tipping the scales in favor of alarmists. It has already banned site users from seeing and sharing factual content created by credentialed climate scientists.

I was cancelled over ten years ago, for pointing out that the carbon dioxide theory of global warming — one of the left’s most cherished beliefs — was not supported by the evidence. It still isn’t.

But you’ll never be aware of what the evidence is that proves the models are fundamentally broken and exaggerate the effects of carbon dioxide. A small blog like this is not going to cut it.