Donald Trump in US election polls surge as voters trust him to revive COVID-19 hit economy

Donald Trump in US election polls surge as voters trust him to revive COVID-19 hit economy, by David Maddox.

The third in a series of monthly Democracy Institute/ Sunday Express polls has given President Trump a surprise lead over his Democrat rival of 48 percent to 46 percent, his clearest lead yet.

Crucially, President Trump has a lead of 48 percent to 43 percent in the swing states Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin which would put him back in the White House with an electoral college tally of 309 to Biden’s 229. …

With a third of voters putting the economy as the top election issue and 66 percent thinking that the economy is bouncing back after coronavirus, voters believe that Trump is better for the economy by 57 percent to 43 percent.

According to the poll 71 percent of Trump voters are “shy” to admit it compared to 66 percent a month ago.

However, 79 percent of Trump voters are enthusiastic about their candidate compared to just 41 percent of Biden voters, two points lower than a month ago.

The poll, of 1,500 likely voters, differs from most polls because it tries to identify shy voters:

As Breitbart News has reported previously about these Democracy Institute surveys, [Democracy Institute Director Patrick Basham] is trying to get ahead of the curve of trends of other pollsters — most of whom show Biden winning right now even though they are finding a tightening race — by identifying what he calls a “shy” Trump voter. That so-called “silent majority” is what the president is banking on being there to win the election, just like it was there for him in 2016.

Most polls make no attempt to account for shy Trump voters, but anecdotally the pollsters are say the effect is quite large this year.

However, that the main polls favor Biden is going to provide the ammo for a “we was robbed” campaign by the left if Trump wins again.