Trader Joe’s Reverses Course, Refuses To Kowtow To Outrage Mob

Trader Joe’s Reverses Course, Refuses To Kowtow To Outrage Mob, by Monica Showalter.

Recall the earlier post on how a tiny activist minority frightens companies into conforming to their whims? Well this one has a happier ending — push back!

Trader Joe’s has decided to reverse course and not change all the brand labels of its products to satisfy the wokeness demands of a tiny, largely white, racism-parsing left-wing mob. …

That’s a big change from all the cancel culture that’s taking every minority face off food-label packaging, from Mrs. Butterworth, to the Cream of Wheat man, to Aunt Jemima, to Eskimo Pies, to the Land O’Lakes Indian maiden and more, leaving just the faces of whites on the packages.

Trader Jose, Trader Ming, Arabian Joe, Maitre Pierre, Trader Giotto, Trader Joe San and the rest, though, look like they might just stay, just as their customers like.

Reading through the lines of the corporate statement tells us a lot of just why, and almost all of it is commendable:

1. They refute flat out that their products are racist:

“We want to be clear: we disagree that any of these labels are racist.”

Glad they got that out of the way, nice to see a full frontal from what had been a bunch of corporate jellyfish.

2. They note that they are hearing from people …and it’s scaring them straight. They must have been flooded with angry customers disgusted at seeing their beloved company cave in to political correctness. What next, replacing all the spicy food with bland pabulum, to keep all the cultural appropriation out and satisfy the far-left mob? Make the high-chair spoon throwers happy? Obviously, the customers rebelled. …

The left are now focusing for another attack:

Now the lefties are gathering more signatures to complain further. See how arranged the two statements and framed the issue on its site. They thought they had a cave-in from Big Corporate, and now are upset that they don’t. …

And who was behind this nonsense in the first place? Just some woke teenager:

Trader Joe’s must have taken a look at who was behind the petition and decided it was total bee ess. Who’s behind it? A rich little wokester white high school teenager no doubt eager to please her teachers and college admissions committees named Briones Bedell.

Rest assured she knows nothing about racism, she’s just another Karen looking to ‘atone.’ … She drew very few signatures to her petition, a miserable 4,900 at last count …

What this sniveling ignorant little white teenager doesn’t get is there’s a difference between appropriation and appreciation, as a far smarter and more brilliant black teenager has explained exquisitely here:

Enjoying another culture is not racism. [Complaining about it is] white Karenism, done by wokester teens with absolutely nothing intelligent to say. Glad Trader Joe’s woke up and smelled the coffee.

Some good news for the non-left. Push back!