UK: ‘Inexplicable’ decision to lift quarantine at height of pandemic: MPs’ damning report condemns ‘serious mistake’ that allowed 10,000 infected people into the UK

UK: ‘Inexplicable’ decision to lift quarantine at height of pandemic: MPs’ damning report condemns ‘serious mistake’ that allowed 10,000 infected people into the UK. By David Barrett.

Delaying quarantine measures at the border was a ‘serious mistake’ that allowed 10,000 infected people into the UK accelerated the virus spread, a major report by MPs says.

The cross-party inquiry is highly critical of the Government’s ‘inexplicable’ decision to lift its initial quarantine measures in mid-March, ten days before lockdown.

Experts from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine calculated that up to 10,000 infected people, largely from Spain, France and Italy, imported the virus into the UK.

It concluded many more Britons were infected in the 12 weeks after that decision before compulsory self-isolation was re-introduced for international passengers on June 8.

However, it stopped short of saying lives had been lost as a result.

The home affairs select committee report, published today, says: ‘The decision to lift all Covid-19 related guidance for international arrivals on March 13, just as other countries were expanding their border measures, is inexplicable. …

MPs asked the Government nine times for scientific evidence behind the decision to end travel restrictions – but nothing was provided. …

Committee chairman Yvette Cooper added: ‘The Government’s failure to have proper quarantine measures in place in March as the infection was spreading fast was a grave error and meant Covid spread faster and reached more people. The UK was almost unique in having no border checks or quarantine arrangements at that time. …

The other country that didn’t close it’s border properly while locking down was the USA. But the USA’s media and bureaucracy is dominated by open-border fanatics. The US President, who was elected on a mandate of “build the wall”, has not been permitted to close the southern border in either peacetime or pandemic.

The lockdowns in the US and UK were notably ineffective, unlike everywhere else in the developed world. Eventually the UK closed its borders, and has now mostly eliminated covid as its lockdown then became effective. Meanwhile, the US is sicker than ever.

The report goes on: ‘Evidence shows it is highly likely uncontrolled importations of the virus from European countries contributed to the rapid increase in the spread in mid-March. The failure to properly consider stricter requirements on those arriving was a serious error.‘ …

The report concludes that border measures will have to remain in place for ‘some time to come’.

The report also stops short of saying that the pain of the early lockdown was mostly wasted, because the borders were still open. Bit too painful to admit that, yet.

This blog has been pointing out for months that the US and UK lockdowns were ineffective and mostly wasted because they did not effectively close their borders. Nice to be vindicated by a UK report, but it’s a shame that the world didn’t pay more attention to us. The point is obvious, yet was not made publicly anywhere else I’ve seen until now.

This blog also recommended the closing of borders by mid February. It was obvious by then what was coming, and the cheapest course by far would be to  accept the cost of border closure immediately. If that had been done, most of the pain would simply have been avoided. Too bad the world didn’t pay attention to us then, either. (Yes, that’s two I-told-you-so’s in a row.)

The story of the West’s response to covid has consistently been one of tardiness. Our dimwitted and overpaid bureaucrats were outwitted by a simple, predictable virus at every turn. Too slow to see the danger, too slow to close the borders, too slow to realize that the herd immunity path was not inevitable and that crushing the curve was probably cheaper, and too slow to apply lockdown properly. The western leadership class  have caused a great deal of avoidable health and economic damage by their tardiness.

Let’s leave aside the train wreck that is the US for now, except to note that it has the added problem of a corrupt, leftist media/bureaucratic/academic complex that wants ongoing damage as part of its attempt to regain power in November.

A reader comments:

The failure to quarantine overseas arrivals for three months is called ‘inexplicable’. It’s so obviously something that should have been done, however, that it’s not credible to say no-one thought about it. Nor is it credible to say that the government thought about it and just, by mistake as it were, failed to realise it was an essential part of any control strategy. We have to conclude that they thought about and made a conscious decision to do what they did. That is, it was on purpose.

Two months since the riots, and still no “National Conversation”

Two months since the riots, and still no “National Conversation”. By Michael Tracy.

We are now approaching the two-month mark since the riots that erupted across the United States in late May and early June. …

Yet if one surveyed the national media today, you’d barely even know anything happened. Nor would you likely be aware that those who bore the brunt of the destruction — largely minorities whose sensibilities don’t fit into any neatly-delineated ideological category — are still acutely suffering from the fallout. …

Complicating matters is that the riots occurred in tandem with a protest movement now believed to be the largest ever in U.S. history — one which saw demonstrations, vigils, and general rancor extend even into the most unassuming expanses of suburban and rural America. …

[It’s] clear that the severe ramifications of these riots have been widely ignored — if not consciously obfuscated — by a media class that was near-unanimous in its approval of the accompanying protest movement. That they could have so quickly “moved on,” particularly from the wreckage of Minneapolis/St. Paul — where residents commonly told me that their lives are still in “agony” — is galling.

I’m not a rocket scientist, and it doesn’t take some kind of profound journalistic acuity to walk around riot-affected areas, talk to citizens, record their stories and impressions, take some photos and record some video, and compose some tweets. And yet, I heard from hundreds of people across the United States and world who were shocked that they’d have never been aware of what happened in Minneapolis/St. Paul if not for my dinky little Twitter thread.

When I visited a month after the peak of the riots, much of this major American metropolis still [lay] in ruins. Not that normal life hadn’t mostly resumed; it had. But it’s resumed in the way that war-torn areas configure some ad hoc routine that enables the resumption of semi-normal activity amidst the rubble and despair. In speaking with locals, many of whom have lost their livelihoods and/or had to plead for their children not to be burned alive, it often seems like the extent of the ruination they’ve experienced was barely ever appreciated in the first place. …

[The] media class members are themselves deeply invested in what they regard as “the movement,” however diffuse and ill-defined this “movement” may be, and they are extremely reluctant to produce any coverage which might reflect poorly on said “movement” and potentially undermine its moral and political legitimacy …

Fort Wayne, IN doesn’t immediately come to mind as a likely candidate for a riot location, but one nonetheless took place. A coffee shop employee told me that their window was smashed by white kids with skateboards. As in many other places, the resulting plywood has served as a canvas for a city-sanctioned communal art project. …

Of the dozens and dozens of randomly-selected black Americans that I have so far spoken to across the United States, only two expressed what one might call a “positive” view of the riots, and they were both young men. Everyone else I have encountered is unabashedly scornful of rioting, and many even express apprehensions about the basic logic of a movement referred to as “Black Lives Matter,” which incongruously appears to them to have caused increased suffering in their predominantly black neighborhoods. Here’s an interview I conducted on video with a black man, Tony in Milwaukee, who describes what it was like to escape from a riotous mob on his way home from work. “It’s crazy man. I really don’t understand it. Cuz they sayin’ Black Lives Matter and all this stuff,” he said. “But man, you’re hurting the black community.” …

In Chicago, as with many other cities, small businesses now display signs declaring themselves “Black-owned” or “minority owned” — partially as an expression of pride, but mostly to dissuade further rioting:

Does the ubiquity of these types of signs, in which owners declare their ethnic or racial status, seem healthy to you?

Kristallnacht in 1938 saw signs in German shop windows indicating which ones were owned by Jews, so the rioters would know which ones to smash up.

Lots more pictures at the link, and some tales of what really went on. The rioters and arsonists were mostly white. Most blacks, apart from young men, deplore the damage and are not on board with BLM.

Twitter Suspends Trump Campaign Account Over COVID-19 Comment

Twitter Suspends Trump Campaign Account Over COVID-19 Comment. by Tyler Durden.

Hours after Facebook nuked a clip of President Trump telling “Fox & Friends” that children are “almost immune” to COVID-19, Twitter has taken it one step further – locking the Trump campaign account until they delete a tweet containing the clip, according to the Washington Post (which erroneously reported that Twitter had punished Trump’s account).

Twitter spokesperson Liz Kelley told the Post that the tweet “is in violation of the Twitter Rules on COVID-19 misinformation. The account owner will be required to remove the Tweet before they can Tweet again.”

Even the sppech of the US President is now censored by Twitter. Only some facts and opinions are allowed, no matter hwo you are.

The left like to argue that Twitter etc. are private companies and so are free to offer their services under what ever conditions they like. But the left also say that Christian bakers may not refuse to carry the message of gay rights activists. Hypocrisy, no? Worse, Twitter has a near monopoly due to the network effect, while there are lots of competing bakers to choose from.

The left have lost any moral authority they might have had on free speech.

To Climate Change Extremists, Free Speech on Facebook Is Dangerous

To Climate Change Extremists, Free Speech on Facebook Is Dangerous, by Brian Maloney.

As America’s political middle ground gives way to sharp left-right divisions and even violence, there are winners and losers in the war on ideas. What in the recent past would have been considered up for debate, now shifts firmly into the “settled science” category by those who are intolerant of differing viewpoints.

In 2020, “winners” consist of those who control social media networks, of which a mere handful now have a stranglehold on the national conversation. Because these firms are primarily located in the ultra-liberal San Francisco Bay Area, their hiring pool has long consisted primarily of left-leaning employees.

With the inevitable temptation to use this incredible power to influence public sentiment and elections, leftists have had the inside advantage, leaving conservatives, moderates and others shut out of the debate almost entirely. …

Reeling from the 2016 election’s outcome and aftermath, Facebook began site reforms to regulate user content. That opened a Pandora’s box of criticism and scrutiny over censorship and the outright de-platforming of voices. A central target of that debate has become the suppression of voices that challenge left-leaning scientists’ prevailing opinions.

When it comes to climate change, Facebook has cared little for honest discussion and debate, instead tipping the scales in favor of alarmists. It has already banned site users from seeing and sharing factual content created by credentialed climate scientists.

I was cancelled over ten years ago, for pointing out that the carbon dioxide theory of global warming — one of the left’s most cherished beliefs — was not supported by the evidence. It still isn’t.

But you’ll never be aware of what the evidence is that proves the models are fundamentally broken and exaggerate the effects of carbon dioxide. A small blog like this is not going to cut it.

Coronavirus: Australia’s covidiots and scofflaws are nothing more than more of the same

Coronavirus: Australia’s covidiots and scofflaws are nothing more than more of the same, by Jack the Insider.

In the late, great Southern City there have been a total of 800 out of just over 3000 individuals who have tested positive for covid but thought quarantine was optional and instead strode out into the community with hacking, dry coughs.

Earlier this week, a 38-year-old woman allegedly assaulted two young police women after she was seen not wearing a mask at a shopping centre in Frankston in Melbourne’s south east. The alleged assault was so serious one of the police officers was treated at hospital for “concussion and significant facial injuries.” The 38-year-old woman reportedly has no criminal history.

What on Earth is going on here? Victoria Police report they have encountered pockets of the sovereign citizen movement, a loose coalition of ultra libertarians who claim they have the right to opt out of the state’s laws whenever it suits them.

Aside from their amusing waffling about the Australian Constitution that they could not possibly have read or selective citing of the Magna Carta that they also have not read, events in Victoria show just how dangerous these people can be and how quickly noncompliance of temporary Covid laws can escalate into violence. …

A bit of Spanish flu history:

The arrival of the Spanish flu pandemic of 1919-20, a disease that swept across the globe killing millions, had eerie similarities to that of COVID-19 in that it first appeared in the summer months in Australia. …

One story you probably won’t hear down at the War Museum is the only reason Australia was beset with a viral infectious disease was that returned service men from the First AIF jumped quarantine, spreading clusters of infection wherever they went.

Wearing a mask was compulsory in NSW for several months in 1919 but the rules were drawn up with gaping, noodle-scratching inconsistencies. Churches were locked down but Sydneysiders huddled together in trams to get down to the beach. They could pack in like tinned anchovies at the footy, too, but not the races. Go figure.

Lockdowns obviously work, as experience with other viruses such as the black plague and Ebola prove. Those viruses are much more lethal, so people are much more motivated. But lockdowns require strong borders and quarantine, and they require that everyone take it seriously. Most of the developed world is managing to do that, more or less, with one big — and increasingly sick — exception.

Daniel Andrews has the laws to crack down on pandemic rule-breakers

Daniel Andrews has the laws to crack down on pandemic rule-breakers, by Mirko Bagaric.

Community dismay is turning to fury at people who test positive for COVID-19 but refuse to self-­isolate.

It is believed more than a quarter of the 6000 Victorians infected with the virus continue to mingle in the community. The Victorian authorities have been helpless and hopeless in containing them — the only government in Australia to fail at influencing community behaviour by legitimising its pandemic response. …

The biggest failing of Victoria’s response isn’t irresponsible people refusing to quarantine; it is the Andrews government, which has failed to put in place a mechanism to deter sufferers from leaving home. It was quite foreseeable that many infected people would not observe stay-at-home orders.

There are effective options open to the government, including multiple daily checks plus phone monitoring, placing cameras in people’s driveways and even using electronic bracelets, as has just been announced by the government in Singapore. …

Daniel Andrews has spent hours lecturing Victorians on how to behave in this pandemic, but he has missed the one essential ingredient to an effective strategy: implementation. Lockdowns will not suppress the virus if the infected continue to roam with effective impunity. Clearly, the threat of fines hasn’t worked so far. The larger fines just announced for people who breach the isolation rules for a second time will probably be similarly ineffective.

The Victorian Government lost much of its authority on this matter when it allowed — encouraged even — the BLM marches to go ahead in Melbourne. Hypocrisy does that.

How much worse can things get for Lebanon?

How much worse can things get for Lebanon? By Paul Wood. A massive fertilizer bomb went off due to negligence in storing confiscated fertilizer in the middle of Beirut!  Stunning:

So this was a huge explosion, two separate blasts, in fact, the larger one apparently heard as far away as Cyprus. Someone on Twitter said — absurdly — that the Israelis had nuked Beirut, pointing to a mushroom cloud from the second blast.

The Lebanese president, Michel Aoun, had another explanation. He said on his Twitter feed that for the past six years, a warehouse at the port had been used to store 2,750 tonnes of ‘confiscated’ ammonium nitrate, a precursor for making explosives. This, said the president, was an unacceptable situation. As a measure of the explosive power that much ammonium nitrate represents, less than one thousandth of this, some two tonnes, was used in the Oklahoma bombing in 1995 that killed 168 people.

Who decided to leave this huge amount of bomb making material near the centre of Beirut? Several Lebanese friends and contacts messaged to say that this could only be Hezbollah, the Shiite militia and shadow state in Lebanon. …

Someone I know with access to the Hezbollah leadership spoke of an Israeli drone strike on a Hezbollah weapons dump. Perhaps that will be Hezbollah’s new line to take. …

Israel has denied having anything to do what happened and has offered to send aid. Lebanon and Israel remain in a formal state of war — there’s no chance whatsoever that Israel’s aid would be accepted. …

Car bombs and truck bombs have traditionally been used to solve political disputes in Lebanon. One such bomb killed the Lebanese prime minister, Rafik Hariri, in 2005. It was allegedly planted by four members of Hezbollah acting on Syrian orders. …

If Hezbollah are in any way to blame for this, it will be very bad for Lebanon — even if the explosion was an accident. The devastation is widespread. Save the Children says its teams on the ground report that entire streets have been ‘wiped out’. Many children are unaccounted for as rescue teams work through destroyed buildings and dig through rubble. The official number of dead stands at a few dozen but I’ve heard unofficial estimates of 200 killed and 4,000 injured. Hospitals were already under strain from a surge in coronavirus and are struggling to cope. …

Coronavirus was the last blow to an economy that was already near collapse. The Lebanese currency has lost four-fifths of its value since the pandemic started…panicked crowds gather outside banks, people unable to withdraw their savings; hospitals don’t have dollars to buy medicines, the power goes out for hours at a time; there’s no fuel to run generators; only yesterday the Lebanese foreign minister resigned, saying the country was becoming ‘a failed state’; some Lebanese are going hungry, their incomes outpaced by hyperinflation.

Stephen Drill:

Maintenance workers who were welding at the port sparked a small fire, according to local media reports, that then exploded in scenes compared with the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs.

One of many of the problems of a country well on the way to transitioning from Christian to Muslim control.

Foreign students bully university lecturers to pass

Foreign students bully university lecturers to pass, by Max Maddison.

Australian university lecturers are being cowed into lowering their academic standards by “highly organised” networks of international students making co-ordinated attacks against any staff members whose assignments and examinations prove too difficult to pass.

Despite presenting themselves as the purveyors of elite education, academics at some of the country’s most prestigious universities said they had been forced to “dumb down” courses to ensure foreign students with little or no English were able to complete degrees — or else they risked being targeted by official complaints signed by groups of up to 100 pupils.

Academics are concerned the lowering of standards for overseas students means Australian students’ education is also suffering. …

From the coal face:

One professor, who teaches at a respected Group of Eight university in Sydney, said the complaints were taken so seriously by university management that they had the potential to derail careers.

“International students didn’t used to be organised but in the past two years that has all changed,” said the lecturer, who asked not to be named for fear of professional repercussions.

“Their studying strategy is usually memorisation: memorisation of sample questions, and they always request the exams from the previous year to memorise the answers, memorise the methods in a very narrow way, and they have an expectation that the exam this year is going to be very similar.

“If your exam questions are a bit challenging or written in a way that is different to what they have done before, then they will complain. There are groups that put together letters to complain, signed by 100 students. Then those letters go high up in the university and we can get into trouble. It has happened to several colleagues — it has happened to me.

Universities have become a defacto method of immigrating to Australia, which is probably what is driving this:

Another professor at a Group of Eight university said the situation had been exacerbated by an over-reliance on Australia’s $34bn international education industry and that foreign students were too often admitted to courses despite lacking the English skills needed to understand the subject.

“It is absolutely corrupt. It’s a disgraceful system — disgraceful,” she said. “I don’t know what passes for language training in China but most of the students I see from there haven’t even the most basic English skills and can’t construct a single, clear, grammatical sentence. And these are the masters (degree) candidates.”

She said the situation had also resulted in a dramatic surge in ­instances of cheating, and that complaints to university management were routinely ignored. …

All universities approached by The Australian — including the Group of Eight institutions — denied there was a problem when it comes to international students who cannot understand what they are being taught.

That’s not education. The system is corrupted by fees, immigration law, cheating, and overpaid administrators.

A reader adds:

Overpaid administrators.

You put your finger right on a key issue here. These people are shameless. Western countries are being wrecked in the short term interests of a few, among whom these overpaid — and dishonest — university administrators are a prime example. When the front-line teaching staff tell them there’s a problem with overseas students having insufficient English (all too believeable btw) they just deny it, i.e. lie through their teeth.

Leaked bodycam footage shows entirety of George Floyd arrest – supporting cops’ AND protesters’ narratives

Leaked bodycam footage shows entirety of George Floyd arrest – supporting cops’ AND protesters’ narratives. By RT.

Police body-camera footage of George Floyd’s arrest in Minneapolis has been leaked, revealing Floyd was in significant distress — and possibly intoxicated — long before Officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck. …

Floyd repeatedly pleads for his life and begs for his mother, asking the cops if they plan to shoot him and insisting that he’s claustrophobic and can’t sit in the police car. The officers attempt to mollify him, promising to roll down the windows, in between asking him if he’s taken any drugs and accusing him of behaving erratically. The clip from Kueng’s bodycam provides an alternate camera angle on police restraining Floyd on the ground – the infamous “I can’t breathe” sequence that shocked the world when it initially surfaced on social media over two months ago.

It’s clear from both clips, however, that Floyd was in distress long before he ended up face-down on the asphalt. Repeatedly insisting he’s “not that kind of guy,” the stricken security guard protests “I can’t breathe” and “I don’t wanna die weird” as the officers attempt to stuff his handcuffed body into the squad car. Floyd even volunteers to lie on the ground instead, though at this point in the arrest the cops struggle to push, pull, and otherwise wrestle him into the vehicle.

Lawyers for the four officers charged with Floyd’s murder have for weeks argued the bodycam footage should be made public, insisting it provides necessary context for the decision to restrain Floyd on the ground using the controversial knee hold.

Floyd’s ex-girlfriend, a passenger in the car, tells the police he is mentally unstable (“he’s got a thing going on”) regarding police and has been shot before, suggesting his erratic behavior could be a panic attack triggered by cops sticking a gun in his face. …

Officer Lane … can be heard asking if the cops should roll Floyd on his side, stating he is “worried” about “the excited delirium or whatever.” Chauvin can be heard reassuring his colleague that the ambulance is on its way and Floyd is “staying where we’ve got him.”

Jason Whitlock (a black sports journalist):

The videos show police verbally and physically struggling to get Floyd to comply. Floyd appears panicked, disoriented, desperate and totally non-compliant. He complains that he can’t breathe while standing on two feet. He claims his mother just died and that he can’t sit in the back of the police car because he’s claustrophobic. He repeatedly begs the officers not to shoot him. He worms the upper part of his body out of the police car and asks to lay on the ground.

Early on during the encounter, long before the police restrain Floyd on his stomach, a female bystander shouts at Floyd to quit “resisting” and a male bystander pleads with Floyd that he can’t “win.” …

The video does not justify officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes. But it does offer context why Chauvin would be reluctant to believe Floyd’s “I can’t breathe” cries. Nearly every word out of Floyd’s mouth was a desperate lie. …

The George Floyd case is not a race crime. No rational person can watch that footage and conclude the police were motivated by Floyd’s black race.

Rod Dreher:

At 3:57, we see Floyd cuffed and standing on the street. An officer says, “Are you on something right now?”

“No, nothing,” says Floyd.

This too was a lie. In fact, the autopsy revealed that Floyd had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death. The autopsy also found that Floyd, 46, had “severe” heart disease, and that he died of a heart attack. The autopsy ruled that the fentanyl (“fentanyl intoxication”) and the meth might have contributed to his fatal heart attack. The autopsy also called his death a “homicide.” …

That bodycam footage dramatically changes what we thought we knew about this story.

George Floyd did not just resist arrest. He spent at least eight minutes gasping and shrieking and carrying on like a lunatic, all the while refusing frequent, entirely legitimate orders by police. I had been under the impression that they had brutalized him from the beginning, throwing Floyd to the ground and kneeing him in the neck. That’s not remotely what happened. What happened is that these police officers gave Floyd chance after chance to obey. He was high on fentanyl and meth, though he denied twice that he was on anything, but his behavior was completely bizarre. Was it because he was high? Maybe. It might also be because he had four previous criminal convictions, and had done a prison stint for assault and robbery. What brought the cops in Minneapolis out that afternoon was that he was attempting to pass counterfeit bills in a local store. Floyd must have known that given his criminal record, he was going to be in a world of trouble over the fake currency.

The knee-in-the-neck procedure was only deployed by a cop after Floyd’s repeated refusal to comply with police orders simply to get into the police car. One can certainly argue about whether or not the neck restraint is wise and proper, but one cannot argue with the fact that it was permitted under Minneapolis police procedure. …

The new bodycam video shows that Floyd had been actively resisting arrest for at least eight minutes!

All he had to do was obey the police, who gave him chance after chance after chance. They did not come down on him hard, with the neck restraint, because he was black. They came down on him because he hysterically resisted arrest, for at least eight minutes.

The media’s narrative is false. All the George Floyd riots, all the George Floyd protests, have been based on a lie. That lie, though, has become so fundamental to the left’s narrative that disbelieving it will be impossible for countless people.

A reader at Dreher’s:

In the original cell phone videos which caused the riots, what we see is a cruel cop callously and almost casually snuffing the life out of a defenseless man. But when we consider that he’s actually dying from an overdose, everything changes. The cops have figured out he’s on something really, really bad (PCP? they wonder at one point). He’s expressed difficulty breathing. So: THEY HAVE CALLED FOR AN AMBULANCE.

The reason they look so casually indifferent is because they are, in fact, just killing time while they wait for the ambulance to get there. There’s nothing else they can do for him. Every now and then Chauvin does move around a bit, repositioning his knee: but, on this reading, he does so because he is taking care NOT to obstruct Floyd’s breathing while he maintains the restraint. …

What we have with Floyd is something very much like what happened in Ferguson in 2015. There is a killing of a black man at the hands of the police, apparently. It becomes a cause celebre to advance the BLM movement. But there is a big big difference this time. In 2015, very quickly after the initial eruption, journalists brought to our attention that the underlying facts were in dispute and at least open to multiple interpretations.

As additional information came into the public view, the majority of the public, within a week or two, concluded that, after all, it was a justified police shooting. That happened time and time again during BLM’s first run in 2015-16.

This time, in 2020, it’s different. There were NO mitigating facts, NO suggestions in the media of alternative interpretations. EVEN THOUGH THE TOXICOLOGY STUDY WAS POSTED ON THE INTERNET WITHIN DAYS. I saw that report and I was asking everyone I knew whether they had seen anything in the press explaining what 11 ng of fentanyl meant. Was it a lot or a little? Was it just a trace amount from someone who had used last week?

No one in the press “characterized” a fact in plain view. Time and time again we heard that he had some drugs in his system. But NO ONE said: Oh, by the way, that was a lethal dose of fentanyl in him, and unless he got on Narcan immediately, he was done for.

So the big “political” thing I take away from this episode is that the media ecosystem has changed significantly from 2015.

Another reader at Dreher’s:

The autopsy report clearly says that he did NOT die of asphyxiation. There’s apparently something that happens to the eyes in those cases (a doctor friend tells me), and Floyd’s body didn’t have that. Nor was there any damage to the trachea or bruising to the neck. There was a broken rib, but that happened post-mortem during the examination. No, the coroner finds the cause of death to be cardiac arrest. Floyd’s heart stopped, for whatever reason.

Shame this wasn’t made public immediately upon his death. But that would have torpedoed the left’s narrative. Notice that this video was not released by the leftist controlled police bureaucracy, but leaked.

Like in the Trayvon Martyn and “Hands up don’t shoot” cases that BLM pushed before this, the truth was initially suppressed because it contradicts or greatly lessens the left’s narrative. Three times now? Hardly a coincidence. When are we going to learn?

Trump’s Explanations of Coronavirus

Trump’s Explanations of Coronavirus. This came as part of an interview with Australian Jonathon Swan (son of the ABC’s health guru Norman Swan). There is a very basic misunderstanding betweeen the President and the interviewer about which statistics are relevant. Some are calling the interview a trainwreck. Perhaps, depending on your viewpoint. But it is interesting:

If we’d gone herd, we would have lost millions of people. …

Those people who really understand it, say it’s incredible the job we’ve done. …

It’s under control, as much as you can control it …

Because we are so much better at testing than any other country in the world, we show more cases.

We’re lower than the world

Jonathon wants to compare the US by deaths as a proportion of population, not as a proportion of infections, as the President wants.

You can’t do that!

Jonathon points out the South Korea has 51 million people but only 300 deaths:

You don’t know that!

See particularly the bit with charts, from 13:30. Spin versus reality. Draw your own conclusions.

Three quarters of mild to moderate Covid illnesses show heart damage

Three quarters of mild to moderate Covid illnesses show heart damage, by Fermin Koop.

A study from the University Hospital Frankfurt looked at the cardiovascular MRIs of 100 people who had recovered from the coronavirus and compared them with heart images of people who hadn’t been infected.

Most of the patients hadn’t been hospitalized and recovered at home, with symptoms ranging from none to moderate. Two months after recovering from COVID-19, the patients were more likely to have troubling cardiac signs than people in the control group. Up to 78% of them had structural changes to the heart, while 76% had evidence of a biomarker signaling cardiac injury typically found after a heart attack, and 60% had signs of inflammation.

Is Heart Failure the Next Chapter of Covid-19? By cardiologists Clyde Yancy and Gregg Farrow.

If this high rate of risk is confirmed, the pathologic basis for progressive left ventricular dysfunction is validated, and especially if longitudinal assessment reveals new-onset heart failure in the recovery phase of COVID-19, then the crisis of COVID-19 will not abate but will instead shift to a new de novo incidence of heart failure and other chronic cardiovascular complications.

Joanne Nova:

My simple rule for new likely bioweapon releases is (and always was), just cut it off at the border until we learn how nasty it is. We can always and easily restart the flights, but we can’t undo the damage or rewind the clock if it runs wild.

Will Western nations adopt this policy in the long run (like most of China’s neighbouring countries already do)?

It’s not just death rates that matter.

Covid-19 probably came out of a Chinese biowarfare lab, so they may know more about it. Maybe this is why the Chinese reacted with fear and ruthless determination to eliminate the virus in China (while spreading it around the world by forcing the Wuhan exodus to go international rather than to other parts of China).