Trump Supporter Killed By Antifa in Portland

Trump Supporter Killed By Antifa in Portland. By RT.

Several hundred vehicles rolled into the streets of Portland on Saturday evening, many displaying Trump/Pence 2020 flags. …

As the avant-garde of the caravan entered Portland, it was met by Black Lives Matter protesters, lining the sidewalks. Videos have emerged showing activists throwing projectiles at cars and burning Trump campaign banners, with pro-Trump demonstrators responding by macing them with pepper spray and firing paintball guns.

Joel Pollack:

The New York Times reported Saturday night that the victim of a deadly shooting in downtown Portland, Oregon, earlier that evening was wearing a hat associated with “Patriot Prayer,” a right-wing group.

Dead Trump supporter:

Paul Joseph Watson:

The suspect in the murder of a Trump supporter on the streets of Portland last night posted “I’m 100% Antifa” on his personal Instagram page.

A member of the Patriot Prayer group, which was involved in counter-protests against Black Lives Matter and Antifa last night, was gunned down at 8:45pm near Southwest Third Avenue and Alder Street.

A man is heard on camera yelling “we’ve got a Trumper here” before two gunshots blast out.

Leftist protesters then celebrated the murder, hailing that they’d taken out the “trash”.

The identity of the alleged shooter was later revealed to be snowboarding instructor Michael Reinoehl, who according to his social media profile is a hardcore leftist. …

No prominent Democrat or leftist activist has denounced last night’s murder thus far.

Joe Biden Says Trump ‘Incitement’ Led to Death of Apparent Trump Supporter in Portland, by Joel Pollack.

Former Vice President Joe Biden issued a statement Sunday afternoon in which he blamed President Donald Trump for “incitement” that led to the shooting death of an apparent Trump supporter in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday evening. …

Biden did not cite any specific statement or action by the president other than tweeting about “law and order.”

Notably, Biden has campaigned on a false claim that Trump praised neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, whom Trump “condemned totally.”

Biden has also said that he would “beat the hell out of Trump” if they were in high school.

Dems and truth are not a happy marriage at the moment.

Dems also seem pretty unhappy with America right now. I wonder if that sentiment will be returned in the next elections?

Three shot dead in the last week at two different “protests”. So what is going to happen at the next “protest”? Will the left and right both come armed? Then what?

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Shots reportedly fired at Trump car caravan lead to tense standoff in Woodland Hills, LA

Shots reportedly fired at Trump car caravan lead to tense standoff in Woodland Hills, LA. By Alex Wigglesworth.

Tactical teams were trying to draw three men out of an apartment building in Woodland Hills on Sunday after Los Angeles police received reports that one of them may have fired gunshots at a pro-Trump vehicle caravan.

No one was hurt at the rally, and police were still trying to determine exactly what happened.

Progress! Fundamental transformation of the USA, brought to you by friends of Obama.

Leftists Fight Fascism By Marching Through Streets Forcing Everyone To Perform Their Special Salute

Leftists Fight Fascism By Marching Through Streets Forcing Everyone To Perform Their Special Salute, by the Babylon Bee.

Leftists announced a bold new tactic to eradicate fascism from the land today: marching in lockstep through the streets and accosting anyone who doesn’t chant their slogans and perform their special salute.

“We did it! We defeated fascism!” cried one elated protester after the mob accosted a woman in the street and screamed in her face for not performing their salute, in which their arms were raised at a 45-degree angle. “Great job, everyone! Free milkshakes for everyone!”

Rush Limbaugh Says Trump’s RNC About Saving America From a Race War

Rush Limbaugh Says Trump’s RNC About Saving America From a Race War, by Todd Neikirk.

According to radio host Rush Limbaugh, the point of the event was about Republicans saving America from a race war. …

“The story that is being told at the Republican National Convention is about saving America. It’s about saving America from a race war that the Democrats are out there actively trying to promote. They’re trying to foment it. They want this country to be Black versus white, immigrant versus native, male versus female. That’s what they want. They want that chaos, they want this constant us-versus-them aspect of daily life.”

Glenn Reynolds:

The typical thing to do — and what critics would have expected Trump to do — is return hate for hate. All the white-people bashing at the DNC, with the platform mentioning white people 15 times, all negative, returned in kind, more or less. Throw the divisiveness back at them. That’s the natural reflex.

Instead he brought up all these positive, successful pro-Trump minority people and told his followers “look, these are our kind of people and we’re glad to have them.” And he reached out to others. Instead of meeting hate with hate, he met hate with . . . love. You might almost say ‘love trumps hate.’ Or maybe ‘Trump trumps hate, with love.’

And he did it without being smarmy or rolling over with some kind of sad ‘Republicans can be woke too’ carnival. He crushed the Democrats on this, and he did it with positivity and inclusion.

I don’t think there’s another political figure today who could have done that, and only a few who might have tried. And it’s the only response that could have pulled the rug out from under the race war the Democrats seem unaccountably to want.

Our BLM Jihadis

Our BLM Jihadis, by David Cole.

Of course, there are some very non-suicidal folks — Democrat operatives — who think they can control and “guide” the mob. Vox’s Matty Yglesias is one of the most mediocre thinkers on the national political stage today. But it’s his dim-wittedness that makes him interesting. He’s too dumb to stay on point, too dense to know what he’s “supposed to” say. Every now and then, he tweets things that challenge leftist orthodoxy or, worse, give away too much of the game. That’s why he routinely nukes his entire feed. And right before deleting his entire feed (again) on July 7, he tweeted this frighteningly honest appraisal of how the Democrats could capitalize on the riots:

“Wide open lane for Biden to argue explicitly (and accurately) that it’s Trump’s approach to governance that is fueling left-wing radicalism and the cure is to elect a normal president & congress.”

In other words, “As long as Trump is president, our BLM and Antifa allies will continue to wreak havoc. Get rid of Trump, give us the Senate, and the ‘left-wing radicalism’ problem will vanish.” I don’t think Yglesias has the cognitive skills to comprehend how balls-out cynical that strategy is. In fact, it’s very Mafia-like: “Just do business with us, and your leftist thug ‘difficulties’ will magically disappear.”

But will the fanatics be as easy to control as Yglesias suggests? This mirrors a problem that’s long plagued Arab leaders. Muslim madmen make great shock troops, until they turn on you. After all, fanatics with purity tests and an inability to “agree to disagree” will eventually see even their benefactors as infidels in need of “cleansing.” …

BLM fanaticism mimics Muslim extremism, especially Palestinian extremism, in several ways, from the belief that no body count is too high in the quest to reclaim what’s been “stolen,” to a willingness to sacrifice their children for the holy war.

Read it all.

Trump needs to do something tough, or voters will see that rioters have free rein under Trump — so voting Trump is not the answer to ending the rioting. Voting Biden might end the violence. Sometime before the election Trump will realize this, and send in the troops somewhere.

Several months ago the Dems probably figured that if there was rioting then authoritarian and fascist Trump would send in the troops, which would both end the violence and prove them correct that Trump was authoritarian and fascist. So they instructed their shock troops to riot, and the Dem mayors to pull back the police and let it happen.

But Trump didn’t take the bait. Democrat cities just got trashed, and the rioting is building into a nasty cycle of violence.

UPDATE: Makes the point that the rioters are all Biden voters:

Sandia Labs Goes Nuclear On Employee Who Sparked Internal Revolt Over Critical Race Theory

Sandia Labs Goes Nuclear On Employee Who Sparked Internal Revolt Over Critical Race Theory, by Tyler Durden.

Sandia Labs — America’s premiere government-funded nuclear weapons design lab, has taken aggressive action against an employee, [electrical engineer] Casey Peterson, who produced a viral video “pushing back on the narrative of modern systemic racism and white privilege.” …

Christopher Rufo tells the story:

Within hours, Sandia executives dispatched a counterintelligence team to lock Peterson out of the network and scrub his communications from internal servers—which, via the Streisand Effect, made the video even more viral and sparked widespread unrest against Sandia executives.

By the afternoon, executives were panicking about the brewing rebellion, placed Peterson on paid administrative leave, and established a “security review board” to “evaluate whether [his] actions have comprised or posed a threat to Sandia computing and security systems.”

Peterson — who took a stand at grave risk to his career — says he is speaking on behalf of all of Sandia employees who are “scared to speak out” because of the lab’s repressive culture. …

This is the first explicit rebellion against critical race theory in the federal government — and the coalition is growing. “We need to completely rip [critical race theory] out of Sandia root and stem,” Peterson says. “It is cancer and we need to get it out of the labs right now.”

Sandia executives have made it clear: they want to force critical race theory, race-segregated trainings, and white male reeducation camps on their employees—and all dissent will be severely punished. Progressive employees will be rewarded; conservative employees will be purged.

If you’re curious to see what the fuss is about:

This is not to be dismissed lightly: Sandia Labs is the US Government research agency that designs America’s nuclear weapons.

Boeing CEO Pledges a 20 Percent Increase in Black Employees

Boeing CEO Pledges a 20 Percent Increase in Black Employees, by Steve Sailer.

From the New York Post:

Boeing is seeking to increase black US employees throughout the company by 20 percent and mandate benchmarks for hiring people of color, Chief Executive Dave Calhoun told employees in a memo on Friday reviewed by Reuters.


Like the Soviet Union had political cadres to watch over everybody who actually knew what they were doing on the job.

If Nike were to pledge to boost their employment of blacks by 20%, well … nobody cares about sneaker safety … But doesn’t Boeing make products that we risk our lives riding in?

Sailer’s commenter JimB:

You know and I know that unless the best engineering talent, white or whatever, swears allegiance to BLM, the black Human Resources department at Boeing won’t hire them.

And that’s bad news, because the best aeronautical and electrical engineers are kind of truthful and kind of Aspergery and often politically conservative — and they like pointing out that they are smarter than you.

So Boeing will lard up on feminized politically correct employees who won’t buck management when bad engineering decisions get made.

Sailer again:

It’s like the first Space Shuttle commission hearings. It’s not that Richard Feynman single-handedly figured out by himself why the Challenger exploded by dunking an O-ring in a glass of ice water. The guys in short-sleeve shirts with pocket protectors knew it all along, but they figured the suits would cover it up. So they went through the list of commissioners and picked Feynman as the guy who could get their message across.

How a society dumbs down and becomes poorer.

‘Asian-American actors are ugly & your films make us look backward’: Hollywood sets movies in China, locals don’t want to watch

‘Asian-American actors are ugly & your films make us look backward’: Hollywood sets movies in China, locals don’t want to watch, by Michael McCaffrey.

As The Farewell was written and directed by a Chinese American woman, Lulu Wang, and stars Chinese-American, Golden Globe winning actress Awkwafina, while the film’s dialogue is mostly spoken in Mandarin, Hollywood’s expectations were that the movie would be well received in China.

That did not work out. …

Disney thought Asian representation would attract Chinese audiences when they cast Asian-American actress Kelly Marie Tran in a major role in the most recent Star Wars trilogy. The problem was that Ms. Tran (who is of Vietnamese descent anyway, which is like appealing to the English by casting an Italian) did not conform to classical Chinese standards of beauty and thus Chinese audiences never warmed to her.

Chinese audiences have voiced similar complaints regarding Awkwafina, with some Chinese people on social media going so far as to call her “very ugly,” which may be one of the reasons why The Farewell is doing so poorly. And this is before we get to her Mandarin, which was widely considered laughable for a first-generation immigrant, even a one who left China early, according to the plot (the actress herself did not speak Chinese fluently before the film).

Another example of this cultural divide is Simu Liu, a Canadian-Chinese actor who was recently cast in the lead of the upcoming Marvel movie Shang-chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Liu is considered handsome by Western standards but some Chinese people say he is “not handsome by Chinese standards” — at least when compared to many of the local action stars — which means Shang-chi might face an uphill battle at the Chinese box office when it comes out. …

Get woke, go broke:

Hollywood’s belief that Chinese audiences want to see Hollywood make Chinese themed-movies with Chinese stars seems to be staggeringly obtuse and based on its own identity politics than how people around the world actually consume entertainment.

China has a thriving film industry all of its own and Chinese audiences don’t clamor to see Chinese stories told from Hollywood’s perspective (even if they’re made by Chinese-American artists) any more than Americans yearn to see American stories told by foreign artists, however, flattering it might be that someone is interested enough in your culture (and pockets) to do that.

Chinese audiences want to see American movies from America and can get over the fact that none of their countrymen look like Chris Hemsworth.

Identity politics never conquers the mass market. Can’t imagine why.

Covid Death Statistics Are Ill-Defined and Often Politically Manipulated

Covid Death Statistics Are Ill-Defined and Often Politically Manipulated, by David Evans.

In the West, the definition of a covid death is generally that someone died while having a confirmed case of covid:

But often someone with covid dies of something else, in the sense that they probably would have died at about the same time even if they did not have covid. This ambiguity of cause gives a certain latitude to the death statistics. Political authorities can push the figures up or down, while claiming to be telling the truth.

  • They push them up to exaggerate the covid scare, or gee up support for lockdown or biotech solutions. For example, most western countries probably did this in their first wave, and some are doing it in their second.
  • They push them down to show how effective they have been in dealing with an outbreak, or to help their tourist industry, or to increase their chances of being allowed to travel to other countries. An example is Sweden, which revised their death figures down when they buckled in early July and further tightened their lockdown — which happened immediately after the other European countries (which had largely eliminated covid) told them that poxy Swedes weren’t welcome. Another example, I suspect, are France and Spain, which show suspiciously low death rates in their second waves.

Then of course there is a certain guilty party whose statistics no one believes, except the WHO: China.

Then there are the countries without the physical wealth to eliminate the virus, and have to more or less let it rip:

In Africa, limited testing and spikes in respiratory illnesses raise concerns that Covid-19 could be spreading unnoticed, by Nicholas Bariyo.

The global scramble to thwart the coronavirus has a vast blind spot: sub-Saharan Africa.

In Tanzania, the government outlawed coronavirus testing and declared its national outbreak defeated, even as hundreds of people died monthly from unexplained respiratory problems. Last month in Zambia, 28 people died at home in a single day with Covid-19-like symptoms while waiting to be tested. In South Sudan, government forces barricaded thousands of people inside refugee camps, claiming they were infected but refusing to conduct tests.

Which probably explains why such countries have such low reported confirmed cases and reported covid deaths.

In short, the covid death statistics are becoming a political plaything, so take them all with a grain of salt.

The confirmed cases statistics are generally more reliable, at least in more advanced countries. But to get from there to the number of infections you have to multiply by an uncertain and changing number, which is probably about four (according to most unbiased studies).

All of which leaves ideologues and those with vested interests plenty of room to make their case, without obvious contradiction by the facts. Especially if they have a large variety of studies to choose from and they select the most extreme and tendentious study, while pretending the others do not exist, and their audience is too ignorant of the other studies to notice.

The Trap The Democrats Walked Right Into

The Trap The Democrats Walked Right Into, by Andrew Sullivan, a well known Democrat-voting commentator in the US.

It finally happened. We have lethal battles in the streets between the two tribes of our polarized politics. … In a series of skirmishes between Rittenhouse and BLM and Antifa activists on the streets of Kenosha, three men pursuing Rittenhouse were shot and two killed by the vigilante in what appears to be some kind of self-defense. …

No excuse for vigilantism; no excuse for looting, rioting and arson. …

I’m tired of hearing Kamala Harris say, as she did yesterday: “The reality is that the life of a black person in America has never been treated as fully human.” This is what Trump has long defended as “truthful hyperbole” — which is a euphemism for a lie. …

The author will switch to voting Republican, simply to end the lawlessness:

Rioting and lawlessness is evil. And any civil authority that permits, condones or dismisses violence, looting and mayhem in the streets disqualifies itself from any legitimacy. This comes first. If one party supports everything I believe in but doesn’t believe in maintaining law and order all the time and everywhere, I’ll back a party that does. …

When I watched the Democratic Convention and heard close to nothing about ending this lawlessness, I noted the silence. …

I don’t think I’m the only one, as even the Democrats seem now to realize. And this massive blindspot is not hard to understand. When a political party finds itself so wedded to a new and potent ideology it cannot call out violence when it sees it, then it is walking straight into a trap. When the discourse on the left has become one in which scholars and editors and Tweeters vie with one another to up the ante on how inherently evil America has always been, redescribe it as a slaveocracy, and endorse racist books that foment the most egregious stereotypes about “whiteness”, most ordinary people, who love their country and are mostly proud of its past, will rightly balk.

One of the most devastating lines in president Trump’s convention speech last night was this: “Tonight, I ask you a very simple question: How can the Democrat Party ask to lead our country when it spends so much time tearing down our country?” A cheap shot, yes. But in the current context, a political bullseye.

Socialists bent on coercive violence have taken over the Democrats for now:

All this reassurance played out against a backdrop of Kenosha, which was burning, and Minneapolis, where a suicide led to a bout of opportunistic looting, and Washington DC, where mobs of wokesters went through the city chanting obscenities, invading others’ spaces, demanding bystanders raise fists in solidarity, with occasional spasms of violence.

These despicable fanatics, like it or not, are now in part the face of the Democrats: a snarling bunch of self-righteous, entitled bigots, chanting slogans rooted in pseudo-Marxist claptrap, erecting guillotines — guillotines! — in the streets as emblems of their agenda. They are not arguing; they are attempting to coerce. And liberals, from the Biden campaign to the New York Times, are too cowardly and intimidated to call out these bullies and expel them from the ranks.

Much too reminiscent of 1930s Germany, when international socialists (USSR, antifa) battled national socialists (Nazis) for control:

And let’s be frank about this and call this by its name: this is very Weimar. The center has collapsed. Armed street gangs of far right and far left are at war on the streets. Tribalism is intensifying in every nook and cranny of the culture. The establishment right and mainstream left tolerate their respective extremes because they hate each other so much.

The pattern is textbook, if you learn anything from history: an economic crisis resulting in mass unemployment; the pent-up psychological disorders a long period of lockdown can and will unleash; a failure of nerve on the part of liberals to defend the values and institutions of liberal democracy, and of conservatives to keep their own ranks free of raw demagogues and bigots.

But critically: a growing sense of disorder and violence and rioting as simply the background noise; and a sense that authorities do not have the strength or the stomach to restore order. What most people want in that kind of nerve-wracking instability is a figure who will come in and stamp it out. In Trump, we have someone who would happily trample any liberal democratic norm to do it. And the left seems to be all but begging him to do it — if only to prove them right. …

There is no place for liberal debate or dissent, just competing mobs deploying propaganda, intimidation and mutual racial hatred. …

Yes, we still have an election. But barring a landslide victory for either party, it will be the beginning and not the end of the raw struggle for power in a fast-collapsing republic. …

Biden, let’s face it, is weak and a party man to his core, and has surrendered to the far left at almost every single turn — from abortion to immigration to race. You’d be a fool I think, to believe he could resist their fanaticism in office, or that if he does, he won’t be toast in a struggle to succeed him. He remains the only choice in this election. But on the central question of civil order, he blew it last week and so did the Dems. Biden needs a gesture of real Sister Souljah clarity to put daylight between him and the violent left.

The Republicans are now full-on presenting themselves as the law-and-order solution, because the Democrats have given in to their fanatics. For example:

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Black Man Stabbed ‘Random’ White AutoZone Employee in the Neck After Watching Police Shooting Videos

Black Man Stabbed ‘Random’ White AutoZone Employee in the Neck After Watching Police Shooting Videos, by Tyler O’Neil.

Jayvon Hatchett

On Tuesday morning, a 19-year-old black man in Columbus, Ga., allegedly entered an AutoZone and stabbed a white employee in the neck. Police arrested the suspect, Jayvon Hatchett, on Wednesday. At his arraignment Thursday morning, Hatchett reportedly said he decided to stab a “random” white man after watching videos of police shootings.

Unlike George Floyd’s death, this really is racially-motivated violence. I’ll bet you won’t hear about it from the MSM.

Can you imagine being constantly afraid that someone like this, fueled by leftist lies, is going to launch a surprise attack on you because of the color of your skin? How many more people must be walking around with racial hatred at levels not quite sufficient to randomly stab someone?

This is a result of the tribal divisions being exploited and exaggerated by the left, as they build a coalition of identity groups other than straight white males in order to win elections. All that hate, to help themselves to the spoils of political power. What sort of country will they end up governing as a result? “We had to destroy the country in order to rule it.”

Violent riots erupt in Malmo, Sweden after Koran-torching stunt, police say they have ‘no control’ over situation

Violent riots erupt in Malmo, Sweden after Koran-torching stunt, police say they have ‘no control’ over situation, by RT.

A wave of chaotic unrest broke out in Malmo, Sweden after anti-Islam activists filmed a public Koran burning, sparking protests that soon descended into riots, with unruly demonstrators setting fires and clashing with police.

Some 300 people gathered along a main thoroughfare in Malmo on Friday around 7:30pm local time to protest after members of a far-right political party staged a Koran burning earlier in the day, according to local press reports. As the crowd grew, fires were ignited in the street and several cars torched, prompting a heavy police response that struggled to bring the situation under control.

“We have ongoing and violent riots right now that we have no control over,” police spokesman Rickard Lundqvist told a local news outlet amid the disorder. …

Clashes erupted between protesters and law enforcement in Malmo’s Rosengard district, seeing stones, paving bricks and fireworks hurled at officers and emergency response vehicles. …

Chants of “Allahu akbar” [“Our God is Greatest”] … could be heard in footage that circulated online, which also showed tires and other debris burned in the street and a billowing column of black smoke rising into the night sky. A major fire was also reported in an underground parking garage in Rosengard, about 1km away from the main area of unrest.

Tribal warfare with Islam.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

BLM mob attacks Rand Paul

BLM mob attacks Rand Paul, by Paul Mirengoff.

Sen. Rand Paul was confronted by an angry BLM mob after he left the White House following President Trump’s speech. The Senator and his wife required police protection to get to their hotel. He says that without the protection he might have been killed. …

As with the mob rampage at D.C. restaurants earlier in the week, this gang tried to force particular speech. The restaurant thugs coerced diners into holding up their fists. Anyone who refused was harangued and harassed.

This time, the fledgling brown shirts demanded that Sen. Paul say Breonna Taylor’s name. … Ironically, Sen. Paul, a libertarian, is the sponsor of the “Justice for Breonna Taylor” Act to do away with “no knock” police raids like the one during which Taylor died. Paul, though, refused to accede to the mob’s demand that he say Taylor’s name. He kept on walking.

It wouldn’t have mattered if Paul had explained his Act to the mob. Its members aren’t interested in changing police behavior. They want to get rid of the police and to physically attack people who disagree with their radical far-left politics.

Paul believes the group that confronted him was paid and brought in from out of town. Maybe.

Rand Paul’s wife, Kelley Paul, who was with him, writes:

Thursday night felt like being in a terrifying dystopian novel. The mob swarmed me and my husband, Sen. Rand Paul, in a tight circle, screaming expletives, threats, and shouting, “Say her name.” We rushed up to two police officers, and I believe that is the only thing that kept us from being knocked to the ground. Even pressed against the officers, we were greatly outnumbered.

As the mob grew and became more threatening, we literally could not move, and neither could the two officers for several minutes. The rioters were inches from us, screaming in our faces.

That was the worst part. At first, I attempted to meet the eyes of one of the protesters and tried to explain that Rand authored the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act, but it seemed to just infuriate them more, as they called me a “bitch” and “racist wh—” alongside an endless torrent of “f— yous.”

Mobs are terrifying. They looked at us with no humanity — just a vicious and righteous zeal. After that, I just kept my eyes down and prayed. All I could think of was the driver who was pulled from his car, viciously kicked in the head and left lying in his own blood in Portland, Oregon, last week.

Now the Associated Press is reporting that Rand used the word “attack” to describe our ordeal “without evidence.” This is disgusting and utter proof of their bias.

When you are surrounded by throngs of people screaming in your face and preventing you from getting away, that is an attack.

After several harrowing minutes, additional officers arrived with bikes and surrounded us to create a moving barricade to escort us to safety. …



Several of our friends were also attacked trying to make it to their hotels last night, including one who had his glasses slapped off his face, another who was pepper-sprayed by a rioter, and a woman who was punched in the back. …

In the last three years, my husband was shot at by the Bernie Sanders supporter who nearly killed Rep. Steve Scalise, had six ribs broken and his lung damaged by a vocal internet hater of President Trump, and endured numerous death threats against him and our family. An MSNBC reporter literally said on air, laughing, that Rand’s assault was her favorite news story of the week. She was hardly criticized or made to apologize, let alone fired.

Sheltering from reality in their media echo chamber and their universities, the left are furious in their ignorant righteousness. They feel their violence is justified. They are not ashamed or apologetic.

They will not accept facts or argument from outside, so we are doomed to have to put up with their escalating violence until they are physically stopped, their morale broken, and they surrender.

Shy Voters: Over 10% Of Trump Voters Won’t Admit Preferences To Pollsters

Shy Voters: Over 10% Of Trump Voters Won’t Admit Preferences To Pollsters, by Tyler Durden.

A new study from CloudResearch reveals that 11.7% of Republicans won’t admit their political preferences to pollsters – which is more than twice the number of Democrats at just 5.4%.

CloudResearch also found that “10.5% of Independents fell into the “shy voter” category, just a percentage point lower than how Republicans react to phone polls.”

When asked why they wouldn’t be truthful in their responses, “shy” respondents cited six concerns:

  1. A lack of trust in phone polls as truly being anonymous.
  2. An apprehension to associate their phone numbers with recorded responses.
  3. Fear that their responses will become public in some manner.
  4. Fear of reprisal and related detrimental impact to their financial, social, and family lives should their political opinions become publicly known.
  5. A general dislike of phone polls.
  6. Malicious intent to mislead polls due to general distrust of media and political pundits (though a sentiment expressed only by a few “shy voters”). …

Who can blame the silent majority — with Trump supporters having been actively targeted with violence and harassment in restaurants, at their homes, and walking in public.

Between egregious oversampling of Democrats by polling companies, and Republicans won’t admit to supporting Trump, it’s no wonder the polls have been dead wrong since 2016.

The most prominent non-PC news at the moment is nearly all about political violence against traditional native white populations. At last, something different!

The odds on Trump winning the election from RealClearPolitics show betting, not polls (but remember that many bettors are informed by the polls, so even the betting odds are also biased against Trump):

Two dead, one injured on the streets of Kenosha as dramatic videos capture gunman shooting at BLM protesters during clashes with militias guarding gas stations after wave of looting

Two dead, one injured on the streets of Kenosha as dramatic videos capture gunman shooting at BLM protesters during clashes with militias guarding gas stations after wave of looting. By Ryan Fahey.

One victim was shot in the head and another was shot in the chest at about 11.45pm on Tuesday, according to Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth. A third man was shot in the arm but his wounds were not believed to life-threatening. …

The gunman [Kyle Rittenhouse] walked up to police with his hands in the air and his semi-automatic rifle slung across his body just moments after the shooting.  ..

The videos show the man with the gun stumbling and falling in the street before one pursuer took a flying kick at him, while another appeared to strike him with a skateboard.

The gunman fired three of four shots from a seated position, hitting at least two people, including one who fell over clutching his chest and another who stumbled away putting pressure on his arm, according to the videos. …

The second killing got caught on video:

A witness, Julio Rosas, 24, said that when the gunman stumbled and fell, ‘two people jumped onto him and there was a struggle for control of his rifle. At that point during the struggle, he just began to fire multiple rounds and that dispersed people near him.’

‘The rifle was being jerked around in all directions while it was being fired,’ Rosas said. …

Oops, “shot” in arm.

Police said they fear that the shooting stemmed from a conflict between ‘self-styled militias’ defending local businesses from looters amid the ongoing unrest over the shooting of Jacob Blake. …

Several civilians were carrying weapons during the protests on Tuesday night and the gunman was believed to have been guarding a local car shop at some point prior to the shootings, according to videos posted online.

The so-called militias have had weapons slung over their shoulders or at the ready while standing guard outside businesses to protect them from looters or arsonists. …

Meanwhile, CNN beclowns itself again: