Important Differences Between Today’s Riots and the 1960s

Important Differences Between Today’s Riots and the 1960s, by the Z-Man.

The rebels of the past were actually rebelling against something. They did not have unlimited corporate and institutional support.

The cops were told to beat the crap out of the rioters in the 1960’s by the political class, both Democrat and Republican. Today, the political class, both Democrat and Republican, is on the side of the rioters. We saw that in New York, Washington and now Portland and Seattle.

There’s also the fact that the rebels of the past had an agenda. It may have been childish and silly, in a college sophomore sort of way, but it was an agenda they could talk about in public. They wanted more personal freedom. They wanted the war in Vietnam to end. They wanted public aid for poor people and blacks. The current rebels talk about nonsense like social justice and privilege. All they can muster is pointless slogans they heard on-line.

A couple generations ago, the Silent Majority could look at the situation and imagine an end game. For example, they could connect ending the Vietnam War with ending the anti-war protests. That meant voting for Nixon in 1968. They could see a connection between loosening social mores and clearing the streets of hippies. On the other hand, they could imagine law and order politicians instructing the cops to clear the streets of the hippies and protesting students too.

Today, there is no silent majority. The great demographic changes that have been wrought by those ascendant rebels of the 1960’s has reduced the white population to about 60% now. About 20% of that population is on the side of the rioters, just as long as they stay away from their mansions. Some portion has walked away from politics entirely, due to the aforementioned changes wrought by the rebels. The Silent Majority is just a bitter minority now. …

Another novel item is that the now silent minority has nowhere to turn for the solution to this cultural revolution. What is it that they can give to the people burning and looting the cities to make them go home? How does one answer the call for social justice or the end of systemic racism? What would those things look like? These chants and incantations have no practical meaning. They are moral signifiers borrowed from the grievance studies programs on the college campus.

More important, there is no electoral option either. The Democrat party is actively cheering on this lunacy. Joe Biden is running an extortion campaign, where a vote for him means an end to the violence and Covid lock downs. How realistic is that when his party is cheering for the mayhem, promising to take it to a new level after they win the final election. …

Of course, the Republicans are revealing themselves to be entirely bankrupt. Their response to the unrest is nothing. … Trump is nowhere to be found. He occasionally tweets something stupid, but otherwise he looks like a beaten man. In fairness, he is a beaten man, beaten by a political class that is corrupt beyond reform.

Society’s current leaders are dumbed down:

If you read about the deliberations of the decision-makers in the 1960’s and 1970’s, the thing that stands out is their sober mindedness. They were very worried that America was on the cusp of social collapse. The decision makers of today — that means political and corporate leaders — seem to think American society is an indestructible object they can abuse without consequence. They are carrying on like reckless children, incapable of imagining any consequences to their behavior.

Respect for those in charge and for the system is evaporating fast. This is not good for societal cohesion. Who is going to respect the results of the next US presidential election, for instance? The left have not really respected the 2016 result, and that will only get worse if they lose again in 2020. The outrageous levels of political violence and media bias will leave losing Republican voters bitter and angry. Respect for authority after the election might be so low as to be disastrous. There is no middle any more.

There is no end to this trend in sight — what could turn it around in the next two years? The accelerating degradation of a debt-addled money system is not helping, and the fumbled response to covid is sickening. Is that Chinese snickering I hear?

Political violence is an attack on America itself

Political violence is an attack on America itself, by Tucker Carlson. An unusually important episode from the foremost US commentator of the moment.

From the comments:

I’m from Russia . That’s a disgusting smell of communism. Every Russian can recognize it with no mistake. And you now can’t even imagine what it would be if you’ll allow it to become normal. …

There is no having a civil discussion with these people. They’ve created the environment where no one is allowed to persuade them into thinking differently. …

Hearing of that man being executed for supporting Trump and seeing the Flag burn absurdly ENRAGES me to no f***ing way!!!!!! …

Wow! More violence than I encountered serving a year in Afghanistan.

Watch this video, then compare it with what your mainstream news is telling you. Australians, compare it to what you learn by reading our newspapers and watching the evening news. We are being gaslit big time.

Rutgers University Declares Grammar ‘Racist’

Rutgers University Declares Grammar ‘Racist’. By Chrissy Clark.

The English department at a public university declared that proper English grammar is racist.

Rutgers University’s English department will change its standards of English instruction in an effort to “stand with and respond” to the Black Lives Matter movement. In an email written by department chairwoman Rebecca Walkowitz, the Graduate Writing Program will emphasize “social justice” and “critical grammar.” …

What is critical grammar, I hear you ask in trepidation?

The “critical grammar” approach challenges the standard academic form of the English language in favor of a more inclusive writing experience. The curriculum puts an emphasis on the variability of the English language instead of accuracy.

“This approach challenges the familiar dogma that writing instruction should limit emphasis on grammar/sentence-level issues so as to not put students from multilingual, non-standard ‘academic’ English backgrounds at a disadvantage.”

Mathematics is also racist, and so especially are IQ tests. In fact, accuracy and testing are all racist constructs. Merit is so overrated. Engineering doesn’t matter. Medical expertise is overrated. Just give us the stuff.

Peter Ridd loses, we all lose

Peter Ridd loses, we all lose, by Jennifer Marohasy.

On 2 May 2018, Professor Peter Ridd was sacked by James Cook University for serious misconduct. It all started when he called-out his colleague Terry Hughes for falsely claiming healthy inshore coral reefs were dead from climate change and deteriorating water quality.

Ignoring the first censure in April 2016, Professor Ridd went on television in August 2017 and explained in an interview with Alan Jones and Peta Credlin why so much said and written about the Great Barrier Reef, including by scientists at the Australian Institution of Marine Science, is ‘untrustworthy’. …

It is a fact that the Australian Institute of Marine Science refuses to release 15 years of coral growth data — because it contradicts the claims of high-profile activists that coral growth rates are in decline. They are not. But the false claims are central to their fundraising strategy. Never mind the truth. …

The first case:

The first finding handed down by Judge Salvatore Vasta back in April last year case concerned the photographs taken in 1994 that Terry Hughes used to falsely claim Acropora corals that were alive in 1890 are now all dead. Peter Ridd had photographs taken in 2015 showing live Acropora and the need for quality assurance of Hughes’ claims.

Judge Vasta found in favour of Peter Ridd and ordered that the 17 findings made by the University, the two speech directions, the five confidentiality directions, the no satire direction, the censure and the final censure given by the University and the termination of employment of Professor Ridd by the University were all unlawful. …

The second case:

The University appealed, and today the University won in the Federal Court. In the judgement, Peter Ridd’s academic freedom is portrayed as his ‘personal opinion’. …

Academic freedom in Australia just died.

Universities should be understood by the judiciary as different from other workplaces because it is expected by the ordinary Australian that, on occasions, there will be vigorous debates on important and controversial issues. It is essential that academics can engage in these debates without fearing that the use of plain and colloquial English could end their careers.

Yet today, the university’s appeal was upheld on the basis Peter Ridd was un-collegial in stating plainly that his own university and the Australian Institute of Marine Science are ‘untrustworthy’ because of systemic deficiencies in their quality assurance processes. Further, it was mentioned that Peter Ridd did ‘satirise’ the university’s disciplinary processes in a personal email.

Today’s decision means that James Cook University, and other Australian universities, will continue to crush dissent and sack academics who campaign for the truth.

The truth is that coral reefs are resilient, and despite the fear-mongering, refuse to die.

I’ve seen a judge in another climate change case obviously and willfully misunderstand and put on a show, before coming to the pre-ordained decision to support the narrative. The wonder is that Peter Ridd won the first court case.

The Battle for the Cities Is Over. The Battle for the Suburbs Has Begun.

The Battle for the Cities Is Over. The Battle for the Suburbs Has Begun, by Edward Ring.

What is going to happen to America’s suburbs is not pretty to contemplate. As usual, California is ground zero for the progressive assault on suburbia. The plan, in California and elsewhere, is to cordon off all developed land, restricting population growth to within the footprint of existing cities and suburbs. According to this plan, the single family home is an abomination.

Stigmatizing homes with yards as abominable relies on two premises, density ideology and inclusive zoning. Both of these premises are riddled with counterproductive flaws and fatal contradictions, but nonetheless pack a potent emotional punch. These two premises constitute a perfect marriage, a political power couple.

Density ideology allegedly combats climate change. Inclusive zoning is allegedly anti-racist. …

“Inclusive” zoning:

Inclusive zoning ideology relies on equally preposterous assumptions. It is based on the premise that if disadvantaged people, low-income people — even those struggling with mental illness or substance addictions — are brought into an affluent neighborhood, the habits and attitudes of the affluent residents will be absorbed by these less fortunate individuals, and “foster greater social and economic mobility and integration.”

This, of course, is an absolute crock, but the underlying motivations — scarcely understood by most of the proponents — are deeply sinister.

The ideology underlying inclusive zoning is explicitly Communist. It demands that everyone has a right to live anywhere they want, and that private property ownership is not earned by hard work, but rather is a manifestation of privilege and oppression. It is only a great irony that this seductive siren call is a useful tool in the hands of political cronies and profiteers if you ignore their shared goal: centralization of power and control.

For example, inclusive zoning, stripped of the high-minded leftist rhetoric, includes the practice of redistributing poverty to make certain neighborhoods blighted and low income. Once that’s accomplished, developers working closely with the city bureaucrats can use major federal financing incentives and eminent domain to completely demolish previously intact neighborhoods where residents invested their lives and fortunes to call home.

But in all cases, inclusive zoning is a destructive force that masquerades as a prerequisite for social justice, but instead merely empowers opportunistic investors.

Laws being written across America by progressives are rezoning neighborhoods to make single-family dwellings worth more if they are demolished to construct rent-subsidized fourplexes than if they are left standing.

This trend will eventually no doubt work its way to Perth. Perth is the most isolated big city in the world, over a thousand miles away from the nearest city of over a quarter of a million (Adelaide). Confine Perth? What on Earth for, other than to drive up land prices by artificially restricting supply? Perth can sprawl for hundreds of kilometers over marginal land and desert.

US Media and Internet is Nearly All Taken Over by the Left

US Media and Internet is Nearly All Taken Over by the Left, by the Z-Man.

In 2016, the Left was super confident they had the election in the bag. So confident, in fact, they got sloppy. It was around this time that the FBI was spying on the Trump campaign, assuming President Clinton would be cool with it.

They are just as confident this time, but they probably don’t have the FBI and CIA spying for them. Given what happened in 2016, you would think they would be cautious, but instead they are overflowing with certainty. They know they will win.

One reason for this is they have purged almost all dissenting voices from their preferred media platforms. The Drudge Report is so over-the-top in his anti-Trump antics it feels like a parody site now. … Twitter is just a far-left echo chamber. … Other than Gab and semi-private platforms, the internet is tumbleweeds and left-wing cranks.

One result seems to be a soaring confidence of the Left. They are carrying on like Dementia Joe will win every state twice in November. His vote will be so strong it will change the results of the last election. That’s an amusing exaggeration, but it is at the heart of their world view. Installing Biden in the White House will allow them to memory hole the 2016 election, as if it never happened. They will probably instruct textbook makers to skip the last four years of history. …

How are normal people going to vote?

The thing is, normal white people are getting really sick of the hate whitey stuff all over the media. During the last few months, whitey has been finding refuge in watching movies and television shows. Now they are being bombarded with explicit hatred of white people.

If you circulate around normal people, it comes up a lot. When it does come up, the intensity is plain as day. These are people who would be Trump voters, so it is not as if this is changing minds, but it is pissing them off.

The puzzle is, with the lack of confirmation, will these people act on their anger and frustration this November. They don’t have anyone but Tucker in the media addressing their anger. They can’t get confirmation on-line, even from dissidents, as they have either been purged from social media, toned it down or now operate in semi-private venues like this one. Tucker having record numbers, however, suggests there is a deep reserve of pissed off Trump voters.

An important tenet of modern mass media is that these big social media platforms dictate public sentiment. The Left used to say, in the before times, that their control of the media was worth as much as 4-5 points in an election. That was probably an exaggeration, but it did seem to matter. They controlled what was discussed, thus always giving the Democrats home field advantage. They are now sure their control of social media is driving public sentiment. …

[In 2016 Trump] also had his rallies, which had to be covered by the media. This confirmed to his supporters that they were not alone. They saw lots of normal people enjoying the rallies and they saw the cranks in the media mocking those fellow normies. It was both confirming and infuriating. That’s the thing he needs to work around this time. He needs to let his voters see that normal people are just as angry at the revolution and that the way to express it is to support Trump.

Word from a pollster in the US is that while Biden is indeed 10 points ahead, many of those polled won’t say anything to the pollsters. The pollster assumes that they are all Trump supporters.

Jair Bolsonaro tests negative for COVID-19 after 18-day quarantine

Jair Bolsonaro tests negative for COVID-19 after 18-day quarantine, by Mary Linge.

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro tested negative for COVID-19 Saturday, he said in a message posted to Twitter.

“BOM DIA A TODOS” — “Good morning, everyone” — he wrote with a photo of himself at the breakfast table, grinning over a packet of hydroxychloroquine.

The populist president has credited the anti-malarial drug for speeding his recovery.

Well done. If HCQ/zinc and other treatments were widely employed and worked reasonably well (and the incidence of long-term harm from covid turned out to in fact be extremely low, and immunity to this particular coronavirus turned out to be many years) then the death rate would be low enough that the elimination/vaccine/big-pharma scenario wouldn’t be the only game in town.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Gold price in US dollars hits an all time high

Gold price in US dollars hits an all time high. The gold price just hit $1,923.30 per ounce, up $20 this morning, exceeding the last peak set in 2011.

Half an hour later, US$ 1,936.

The profligacy of manufacturing money out of thin air by banks and governments, which started in earnest in 1982 and most recently got turbocharged in response to the covid coma, is coming home to roost.

Btw, all asset classes principally go up due to monetary inflation — which has been running at 5 -15% for the last two decades, much higher than CPI. Dumb old gold keeps pace better than most:



Graph to March 2020.

Black and White Armed Militias Face Off in Kentucky, Three People Shot by Accident.

Black and White Armed Militias Face Off in Kentucky, Three People Shot by Accident. By RT.

At a rally by the black-only ‘Not F**king Around Coalition’ (NFAC) in Louisville, Kentucky, gunshots rang out and two people were wheeled off by medics. Early reports suggest one of the militia members shot himself by accident.

An all-black militia whose leader says he believes in violence to further the black cause, the NFAC gathered in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday in full battle dress. …



There to meet them were the ‘Three Percenters’, a right-wing militia whose membership is mostly white. Police formed a line between the two groups. …


According to witnesses who described the scene on Twitter, an NFAC member accidentally fired his weapon, possibly injuring himself in the process. Police later said that three people were hit when the gun went off. In one live stream from the event, a woman could be heard off camera muttering: “This is f**king embarrassing.”

Daily Mail:

On its website, the right-wing Three Percenters group says it isn’t an anti-government militia but ‘we will defend ourselves when necessary.’ The group takes its name from the false claim that three percent of American Colonists fought in the Revolutionary war.

The group was founded in 2008 in response to Barack Obama’s election as president, which sparked some allegations of racism against the Three Percenters. …

Tara Brandau, a member of the Three Percenters, told the Courier Journal that she heard several members of a group affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan planned to come to the protest. Brandau said that the Three Percenters did not support the KKK group’s plan.

‘We don’t want no KKK,’ Brandau said. …

The state of Kentucky has some of the nation’s most liberal gun laws in the country. Residents are permitted to openly carry their firearms in public if they are licensed to do so.

Another threshold crossed: armed racial militias facing off. Martin Luther King’s dream has been trashed.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Progressives to Cities: Drop Dead

Progressives to Cities: Drop Dead. By Daniel Henninger.

The ruin of major liberal cities by progressive policies is a significant political event. …

There is a serious matter of civil order at issue here, but if you can look beyond the mayhem, something else quite sad is happening. The irrepressible vitality of these cities — their reason for being — is disappearing, undone by pandemic, lockdowns and a new culture of permanent protest.

For years, I’ve been on the email list of Spike Wilner, the owner-founder of two jewel-like jazz clubs in New York’s Greenwich Village — Small’s and Mezzrow. … This week’s email was different. Here is a chunk of it, because he’s got the city exactly right:

“It’s hard to describe but the feeling is gone, the vibe absent. The thing that made New York, New York is missing. What’s it like now?

It’s very tense. People are very anxious and angry. Everything is closed or, if open, listless. There is no nightlife. If you leave your apartment after 9 p.m. it’s a complete ghost town inhabited by wraiths and zombies, dangerous people. . . . In certain parts of town you have a mob of folks partying outside, like a street fair. Other folks keep their masks tightly on and live in fear. The only place I’ve found some civility and warmth is the city playgrounds where I take my daughter each day. The children are oblivious to the pandemic and just play and climb.”

Outside wartime, with bombardments turning blocks into rubble, I’m hard put to think of any precedent for what is happening to these U.S. cities now. The enforced pandemic closures and isolation were bad enough. But the endless protests — with their instinct to violence and atmosphere of dread — have broken the spirit of many cities. …

During New York’s 1970s financial crisis, the Daily News ran a famous headline about then-President Gerald Ford  — “Ford to City: Drop Dead.” Here’s the update — “Progressives to Cities: Drop Dead.”

People living and working in these cities, most of whom consider themselves liberal, are being sold out by progressive politicians and activists blinded by politics to the quality of daily life.

Progressive prosecutors refuse to prosecute. Cops are holding back because progressive mayors and governors don’t have their backs.



Will this end after the election, if Biden is elected? Democrat US cities have become dangerous, rivalling Baghdad. Over 2,000 people have been killed in Chicago so far this year.

US Media’s “Peaceful Demonstration” Lie is Becoming Grotesque

US Media’s “Peaceful Demonstration” Lie is Becoming Grotesque.


“A peaceful demonstration  intensified” would normally mean it became even more peaceful. But here it meant setting fire to the courthouse, assaulting police offices, and damaging a police station.

ABC, Honolulu, Dec. 8 1941: ‘A peaceful flyover by Japanese pilots intensified yesterday…’

Shades of Baghdad Bob.

Do the US media’s Orwellian twists of truth ever have consequences? For them personally? Yes they do:

75% of American Adults think the term “racism” refers to any discrimination by people of one race against another, not the new woke definition

75% of American Adults think the term “racism” refers to any discrimination by people of one race against another, not the new woke definition. By Rasmussen Reports.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 75% of American Adults think the term “racism” refers to any discrimination by people of one race against another.

Just 15% say it refers only to discrimination by white people against minorities.

These findings have changed little in surveys for the past several years. …

Among Americans who identify racism as any discrimination by people of one race against another, 15% say most whites in this country are racist, compared to 27% of blacks. Fifteen percent (15%) of these adults think most Hispanic-Americans are racist, as are 13% of Asian-Americans. …

Democrats see whites as the most racist group of Americans. Republicans and unaffiliated adults view blacks as the most racist.

Given a choice between black lives matter and all lives matter, 44% of blacks – and 30% of all voters – say black lives matter more.

With race-driven anti-police protests nationwide, one-in-three voters continue to believe America is on the brink of another civil war.

So when the woke scream that you are “racist”, they actually mean something different from what their audience think they mean. They just mean you’re white.

I think what we have here is a failure to communicate.

And BLM is losing support, now that people are finding out it is about so much more than just sympathy for George Floyd: