Trump’s Interview with Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports!

Trump’s Interview with Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports!

If you want to see how well this interview went and how it brought out the humanity in people, watch the last couple of minutes.

From the comments:

  • This is the first interview since his presidency where he’s treated like a human being.
  • More down to earth interviews like this please.
  • I’m really not a fan of Trump, but I appreciate interviews like this. We need more natural, agenda-free interviews with politicians.
  • Get President Trump to review a pizza with Dave.  It would break the internet.
  • Respect, honesty and politeness … An interview that flowed like a conversation… Just like they should. Well done Mr. Portnoy!
  • This is the best interview President Trump has ever done.

Some background on Dave Portnoy, the interviewer:

The interviewer used to deliver newspapers. He currently puts a daily review of a pizza shop’s cooking on the Internet. He got into a partnership in a sports betting company and ended up with a stake worth over US $100 million. A few months ago, he started buying stocks and making crazy videos … but with a point.

Now he’s doing so well with pretty much everything, he’s ended up interviewing the President of America for over 20 minutes, getting a bit of a personal tour of the Whitehouse and even a handshake with the President, as he had his guard down. Bear in mind that the interviewer is not a President Trump fan (made more clear outside of the interview), the chance to do the interview stunned the interviewer (it’s the first proper interview he’s ever done), and it was initially set up at short notice in secret.

Does the President regret any of his tweets … Yes. Lots. Was his wife shocked and saddened when he became President and started being booed for the first time she could remember … Yes. Etc. etc.

This Portnoy has no complaints.