Politico accidentally reports that Joe Biden announced his running mate — this coming Saturday — as Kamala Harris

Politico accidentally reports that Joe Biden announced his running mate — this coming Saturday — as Kamala Harris. Brett T.

Joe Biden has said he’ll announce his pick of running mate the first week of August, which means next week. Politico has a piece on all of the vice-presidential contenders, but it looks like they published some text indicating that Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate on Aug. 1, which hasn’t happened yet. There’s even a quote from Biden, so …

Politico have since taken down the piece. Was the Kamala piece an accidental pre-release?

We’re thinking that’s very likely. They didn’t mean too, but they slipped in the statement and published it.

The timing is right, the statement from Biden is there … sounds like it’s Harris to us.

We shall see.

There is a decent chance that in six months time Kamala Harris will be the leader of the free world. How better could we signal the decline and corruption of the West?

Scott of the Pacific chips in from California:

I remember telling you both that Kamala Harris was the single most dangerous person in US politics.

The only good thing is she brings in no extra electoral college votes to the table as he already will win California. Anyone with a heartbeat in the Democrat Party would win California.

She’s the most palatable of the “Angry Black Leftist Women” candidates to the Left and likely the center left. I am hopeful that the centrists aren’t ready for a female angry Obama to be POTUS, but, in this climate, one never knows.

She would turn the USA into the worst crony form of Marxism imaginable. She’d remake the nation in her and Obama’s image and China would be in charge in a second under her and Biden.
I fear the handwriting is on the wall as even should Trump win (likely), what comes after him? There isn’t anyone…

No one after Trump? Maybe Carlson or Pompeo?

No one saw Trump coming. Maybe someone else will emerge. Remember that any good non-left candidates are being thoroughly suppressed by the left, starved of publicity and blacklisted by the media and all institutions. How do we find them?

This is also why the only Republicans with name recognition are mostly singularly useless ones, like Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham. The media gives them all the attention they want.