Man arrested for driving through protest crowd, but with a couple of big twists

Man arrested for driving through protest crowd, but with a couple of big twists. By Jazz Shaw.

We’ve sadly grown used to stories about some motorist who finds themself trapped in the middle of a street that’s been shut down by a Black Lives Matter protest. When rioters begin to menace them, the frightened driver punches the gas and begins knocking down or running over demonstrators in an effort to flee for their lives.

The media aren’t going to mention this one:

A similar – and yet very different — scene played out this weekend in the tiny town of Eaton, Colorado (population 4,365), located well to the north of Denver. …

It was a Blue Lives Matter demonstration in support of law enforcement officials.

Also, the driver in question hadn’t been blockaded in the middle of the street. The protest was taking place on the grassy field of a local park.

And the motorist wasn’t “fleeing in terror” from anyone. He deliberately steered his SUV off of the street and went crashing across the park to intentionally run down the demonstrators. … Cordova has been charged with seven counts of attempted first-degree assault, seven counts of felony menacing, and reckless driving. Thankfully, nobody was killed during the attack or he’d have been looking at vehicular homicide charges on top of everything else. … Ramming into a crowd with an SUV is still an obvious attempt at murdering people who were exercising their First Amendment rights.

And to top it off, these protesters were actually behaving peacefully.

The demonstrators also apparently had a permit to be in the park for this event. …

Nobody was being menaced by the participants in the Blue Lives Matter demonstration. There were no fires being set, no storefront windows being smashed, no shops being looted and there wasn’t a Molotov cocktail on display for as far as the eye could see. The motorist was neither trapped nor threatened and nobody was attempting to damage his vehicle or drag him out of it. He was free to continue about his business but chose instead to attempt to murder some people for the sin of supporting their local police department.

Nothing to see here.