Progressives to Cities: Drop Dead

Progressives to Cities: Drop Dead. By Daniel Henninger.

The ruin of major liberal cities by progressive policies is a significant political event. …

There is a serious matter of civil order at issue here, but if you can look beyond the mayhem, something else quite sad is happening. The irrepressible vitality of these cities — their reason for being — is disappearing, undone by pandemic, lockdowns and a new culture of permanent protest.

For years, I’ve been on the email list of Spike Wilner, the owner-founder of two jewel-like jazz clubs in New York’s Greenwich Village — Small’s and Mezzrow. … This week’s email was different. Here is a chunk of it, because he’s got the city exactly right:

“It’s hard to describe but the feeling is gone, the vibe absent. The thing that made New York, New York is missing. What’s it like now?

It’s very tense. People are very anxious and angry. Everything is closed or, if open, listless. There is no nightlife. If you leave your apartment after 9 p.m. it’s a complete ghost town inhabited by wraiths and zombies, dangerous people. . . . In certain parts of town you have a mob of folks partying outside, like a street fair. Other folks keep their masks tightly on and live in fear. The only place I’ve found some civility and warmth is the city playgrounds where I take my daughter each day. The children are oblivious to the pandemic and just play and climb.”

Outside wartime, with bombardments turning blocks into rubble, I’m hard put to think of any precedent for what is happening to these U.S. cities now. The enforced pandemic closures and isolation were bad enough. But the endless protests — with their instinct to violence and atmosphere of dread — have broken the spirit of many cities. …

During New York’s 1970s financial crisis, the Daily News ran a famous headline about then-President Gerald Ford  — “Ford to City: Drop Dead.” Here’s the update — “Progressives to Cities: Drop Dead.”

People living and working in these cities, most of whom consider themselves liberal, are being sold out by progressive politicians and activists blinded by politics to the quality of daily life.

Progressive prosecutors refuse to prosecute. Cops are holding back because progressive mayors and governors don’t have their backs.



Will this end after the election, if Biden is elected? Democrat US cities have become dangerous, rivalling Baghdad. Over 2,000 people have been killed in Chicago so far this year.