Black and White Armed Militias Face Off in Kentucky, Three People Shot by Accident.

Black and White Armed Militias Face Off in Kentucky, Three People Shot by Accident. By RT.

At a rally by the black-only ‘Not F**king Around Coalition’ (NFAC) in Louisville, Kentucky, gunshots rang out and two people were wheeled off by medics. Early reports suggest one of the militia members shot himself by accident.

An all-black militia whose leader says he believes in violence to further the black cause, the NFAC gathered in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday in full battle dress. …



There to meet them were the ‘Three Percenters’, a right-wing militia whose membership is mostly white. Police formed a line between the two groups. …


According to witnesses who described the scene on Twitter, an NFAC member accidentally fired his weapon, possibly injuring himself in the process. Police later said that three people were hit when the gun went off. In one live stream from the event, a woman could be heard off camera muttering: “This is f**king embarrassing.”

Daily Mail:

On its website, the right-wing Three Percenters group says it isn’t an anti-government militia but ‘we will defend ourselves when necessary.’ The group takes its name from the false claim that three percent of American Colonists fought in the Revolutionary war.

The group was founded in 2008 in response to Barack Obama’s election as president, which sparked some allegations of racism against the Three Percenters. …

Tara Brandau, a member of the Three Percenters, told the Courier Journal that she heard several members of a group affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan planned to come to the protest. Brandau said that the Three Percenters did not support the KKK group’s plan.

‘We don’t want no KKK,’ Brandau said. …

The state of Kentucky has some of the nation’s most liberal gun laws in the country. Residents are permitted to openly carry their firearms in public if they are licensed to do so.

Another threshold crossed: armed racial militias facing off. Martin Luther King’s dream has been trashed.

hat-tip Stephen Neil