Media’s Portland Coverage Evaporates After Antifa Attempted to Murder Federal Agents

Media’s Portland Coverage Evaporates After Antifa Attempted to Murder Federal Agents. By Nicholas Fondacaro.

Wednesday night saw a major escalation in the conflict at the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon as Antifa terrorists and rioters barricaded federal agents inside the building and tried to set the building ablaze. It was a provocation that could have killed the untold number of agents in the building. Luckily, Antifa failed.

But during the Thursday evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC, the Portland coverage largely evaporated, with only NBC Nightly News daring to downplay the attempted murder.


While the CBS Evening News completely blacked out the violence of the extremist mob, ABC anchor David Muir gave it a speedy 28-second news brief during World News Tonight. Of course, he focused on radical Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) joining the rioters on the frontlines, and hyping how a plume of tear gas wafted in his direction.


“Mayor Ted Wheeler outside the federal courthouse with hundreds of protesters, suddenly engulfed by thick tear gas,” [ABC anchor David Muir] claimed. He then boosted [Mayor Ted Wheeler’s (D)] ridiculous assertion that what they were witnessing was “flat-out urban warfare,” and added: “he saw nothing to provoke that kind of response.”

But Muir immediately proved he and the Mayor were lying, inadvertently admitting: “Protesters setting off fireworks and ripping down protective fencing.” Though, he failed to note the attempted murder and the fact Wheeler was also assailed by the rioters. …


After noting that peaceful “protesters” had “stormed the federal courthouse” while shooting flares and fireworks (no mention of the rocks and bricks getting thrown, nor the attempts to maim officers by permanently blinding them with powerful lasers), correspondent [NBC’s] Erin McLaughlin reported: “Federal agents respond with tear gas. Portland police declared a riot. Among those gassed, Portland’s Democratic mayor.”

McLaughlin also boosted the comments of one rioter (though she called them a peaceful “protester”), who was arrested outside the courthouse. “I want to be cared for by members of my own community. We have very little need for policing.’ We need community services,” the woman, Jennifer Lynn Kristiansen told NBC in an annoyingly condescending tone. But what McLaughlin failed to mention, was that Kristiansen was a Portland-area lawyer who had been charged with assaulting a federal agent. Here’s her booking information and mugshot.

We are systematically misinformed by the left wing media. I’m wearing my shocked face again. Again!

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