Teaching Robin DiAngelo’s ‘White Fragility’ Will Get You Sued

Teaching Robin DiAngelo’s ‘White Fragility’ Will Get You Sued, by Adam Mill.

The eyes of the highly paid trainer fix on your reddening face as she holds the book aloft. Then she reads to you from the sacred text of Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility:

While the idea of color blindness may have started out as a well-intentioned strategy for interrupting racism, in practice it has served to deny the reality of racism and thus hold it in place … Racial bias is largely unconscious, and herein lies the deepest challenge-the defensiveness that ensues upon any suggestion of racial bias. This defensiveness is classic white fragility because it protects our racial bias while simultaneously affirming our identities as open-minded … we can’t change what we refuse to see.

How does one respond to this? Using erudite, academic words, a stranger has just accused you of being an “unconscious” racist. Worst of all, if you try to deny it, that’s just “white fragility” that “obstructs” the fight against racism. Denying you’re a racist is proof that you’re a racist.

Across the country, legions of these types of “trainers” are fanning out to indoctrinate in schools, government agencies, and corporate workforces. After a period of instruction, the trainers organize their students into small groups in which only one topic may be addressed: anecdotes of “racist” thoughts and deeds that reinforce the hypothesis. It’s like a giant group trial in which the accused is allowed to apologize but never allowed to defend herself.

Of course, nobody likes to be called a racist, particularly people who strive not to be one. It’s particularly galling to be assigned this malignant opinion by a stranger who knows nothing about the accused except the color of her skin.

Among the “praise” DiAngelo quotes for her monograph of poison is one describing her work as “a great contribution in promoting the necessary policy change and healing this country requires.” Yet in reality, the opposite is true. Indeed, if dwelling on ethnic grievances promoted peace and understanding, then the Middle East would be the most peaceful place on earth. …

So sue the trainer, who is breaking US law:

If the trainer persists, or you are disciplined for resisting this racial stereotype, file a discrimination complaint with Human Resources. It’s not legal to discriminate against any race or skin color — yes, even Caucasians. …

If management pushes training that assigns collective guilt to any race, religion, sex, or ethnicity, it may constitute direct evidence of discriminatory intent in a later lawsuit claiming discrimination.

Every American is entitled to equal treatment regardless of race. That is still the law — at least for the time being. But rights have a way of disappearing if nobody speaks up.

The problem of course is that in today’s environment, selective enforcement of the law means anti-white discrimination will go unpunished. Furthermore, judges are chosen to be politically correct. They know the judgements required of them, and fit the material at hand, no matter how egregious, so as to find only whites guilty.