The Associated Press Stylebook Is Now Officially Racist

The Associated Press Stylebook Is Now Officially Racist, by Matt Margolis.

The Associated Press most certainly received repeated inquiries about their decision to capitalize “black” but not “white” or other colors used in reference to a racial group.

When the change was made last month, I openly posed the question as to whether the change was racist. After all, if the lower-case “b” was such an insult to black people, then why shouldn’t the lower-case “w” be an insult to white people?

The AP’s real reason for the different treatment, after getting past the guff about shared culture based on similar experiences (which only applies to black people?):

Black people … have “the shared experience of discrimination due solely to the color of one’s skin.”

So, capitalizing a ‘b’ is really about fighting racism. Perhaps to the Associated Press, capitalization of the word black is a form of reparations. …

But what about the specific decision not to capitalize “white”? …

“… capitalizing the term white, as is done by white supremacists, risks subtly conveying legitimacy to such beliefs.”

White supremacy! Capitalizing “white” is apparently a thing of white supremacists. So obviously the prudent thing to do is capitalize “black”! That will really really stick it to those grammar-obsessed white supremacists and doesn’t at all imply the supremacy of black people.

AP are excuse-making, word-smithing racists, brimming with woke prejudices.

Racists, sexists, bigots, people of prejudice — they are usually more than happy to tell you why they discriminate, on the basis of birth characteristics. Traditionally this is considered immoral, but AP are proud of it.

Beware: AP taints the “news” delivered by many mainstream news organization, because it is used as a news contractor by most of them.

hat-tip Pierce