Reparations to Blacks Have Already Been Paid — With Interest

Reparations to Blacks Have Already Been Paid — With Interest. By Jim Goad.

For all the blathering we’ve heard over the past few months about how “systemic racism” is the nation’s biggest mortal threat, it’s become sparklingly clear that the real problem is systemic stupidity.

The country is currently in the throes of fatal conniptions over idea that there’s some solution to “inequality.” Not for a second has anyone paused to ponder that perhaps the true cause of inequality is the fact that people aren’t equal—never have been, never will be. …

Is black American poverty proof of American racism or proof that blacks bring poverty with them wherever they go? Isn’t the fact that blacks live in more impoverished conditions when there are no white people around evidence that it’s actually beneficial for them to be around white folks?

I realize it’s hateful to ask questions, but these questions ask themselves.

Apparently the fact that around 550,000 white soldiers died in a war that reparations advocates insist was fought to end slavery doesn’t enter into their accounting of what’s supposedly owed. It matters not a whit that this tally of dead white bodies from the Civil War alone outnumbers the total number of black lynching victims by a factor of more than 100 to 1.

How the hell do you even tabulate the degree to which black people have been “exploited”? Why is it permitted — actually, it’s encouraged — to compare their conditions to American whites but never to African blacks? If you want to see how black people prosper when there aren’t any whites around to oppress them, take a gander at Haiti.

And if you want to bring up a truth that’s so uncomfortable it will make their thighs chafe, remind them that blacks already benefit from slavery’s legacy merely by living in America. …

And who pays? Would all black taxpayers be exempt, even if they’re descended from black slaveowners or northern blacks who were never enslaved? What if they’re part of the 10% or so of American blacks who weren’t even born in the USA? What if, like Barack Obama, they’re descended from slaveowners?

Would all white taxpayers be forced to pay reparations, despite the fact that at the peak of slavery in 1860, only about 1.5% of white Americans owned slaves? How about the fact that since almost all historians agree that two-thirds of whites who came to the colonies arrived in some form of bondage, whites are far more likely to be descended from slaves than from slaveowners? What about the endless millions of whites whose ancestors came to America after 1865?

Where are all the calls for Arabs to pay reparations for enslaving at least as many African blacks as Europeans ever did? And since about 90% of Africans transported to the New World had initially been enslaved by other Africans, where are the calls to hold their African ancestors financially liable? …

And to cap it all off:

All this nonsense is based on the lie that American blacks are STILL being economically exploited. But that’s not what the statistics say.

In real dollars and cents, whites — the alleged exploiters — pay nearly $3,000 more per capita every year in taxes than they receive back in government benefits, whereas your average American black receives about $10,000 more per year in government benefits than they contribute in tax revenue.

Every year, blacks take about $660 billion more from the public cookie jar than they contribute to it.

When you factor THAT into your math, you might conclude that reparations have already been paid — with interest.

Like everything about BLM, oppression theory is based on lies.