Time For Trump To Start Kicking Aspiration

Time For Trump To Start Kicking Aspiration, by Kurt Schlicter.

Sure, we elected Donald Trump in part because America found itself on Flight 93 with Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit and her creepy coterie of commie comrades angling to seize the cockpit, but that was only part of it. But besides electing him for what he would prevent, we voted for the most improbable conservative candidate in the history of ever because of what he promised to do.

The aspirational nature of Trumpism gets short-shrift, but it’s critical.

Trump told us he would make America great again. Those words chill the pasta spines of sissy Fredocons and whiny white woke wine women alike, but they thrill the rest of us.

He was aspirational, looking to the future and telling the indisputable truth that if we only harkened to our history and the legacy of the Founders, America would, in fact, be great again. And aspiration is what’s missing from his campaign right now.

Trump has the advantage in this race and this election is his to lose, but one weapon he has yet to unleash is the Reaganesque optimism that we, the normal, patriotic Americans who he can rely on, yearn for.

Look around. Things are a mess, and the Democrats are doing everything they can to make them messier. They are holding onto their precious pangolin pandemic panic like Brian Stelter grips a pie, ferociously fighting to keep hope dying by denying our kids school and millions of us a livelihood, all to eek out a win in November.

And they have backed up the lawless hordes vandalizing our history and assaulting regular Americans, again to try to demoralize and intimidate us.

Grandpa Badfinger himself is a dour old weirdo who only emerges from his basement lair to howl about what a disaster the America he spent a half-century leading is, all the while promising to transform it into something that braying half-wit AOC and the rest of her Squadstapo have dreamed of since their first sociology seminar.

His vision of America is a racist hellscape of racist racists racisting racistly, while at the same time being severely under-taxed and over-free. The only aspiration that ancient dope can offer is maybe he’ll ask the mob to, pretty please, not be so burny and attacky and let all you kulaks temporarily go about your lives relatively peacefully, that is, if you obey and don’t get uppity and also turn in all those guns you bought when you saw the Democrat mayors and governors weren’t going to protect you.