US Democrats Realize that Borders and Quarantine Matter — without them, lockdowns are largely pointless

US Democrats Realize that Borders and Quarantine Matter — Without them, Lockdowns are Largely Pointless. By Joanne Nova.

Well, one Democrat politician anyway. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is now insisting on internal borders and quarantine around his state, now that infections are under control there.

Look at Melbourne — the second wave is almost entirely due to a botched quarantine. A lockdown without border control is always going to be ineffective.

Funny how the US Democrats and media refused to mention borders when most of the US was in lockdown earlier, thereby allowing it to be sabotaged by a stream of reinfection from outside the US. The left made the US sicker, maybe much sicker, to improve their chances against Trump. Every other advanced county brought their covid infection rates way down with their lockdowns, except the US (and initially, the UK, which also “forgot” to close its borders).

As I predicted, borders need to close. Places that don’t close the state border end up putting a border around every single home. It’s the same all over the world. But no one seems to have noticed how spectacular this backflip is.

In March when New York was the epicentre begging for ventilators, Donald Trump suggested quarantining the tri-state area to stop infections spreading to the rest of the US. It was exactly the right thing to do, but Governor Cuomo was enraged — declaring the idea was “preposterous”, “anti-American” and a “declaration of war”. Cuomo even argued it would be illegal for Trump to do so, and threatened to sue …

It was weapons grade bluster on March 28, 2020, but which media outlets and creatures from the Swamp supported Donald Trump, and pulled up Cuomo for statements like this?

“Then we would be Wuhan, China, and that wouldn’t make any sense,” [Cuomo] said, adding that this [a two week quarantine] would cause the stock market to crash in a way that would make it impossible for the US economy to “recover for months, if not years. … You would paralyse the financial sector.”

How much healthier the financial sector must look now that the 52,000 New York infections have become three and a half million infections across the US?

Cuomo backflip:

So finally, hypocritically, but sensibly, Cuomo has started closing borders; though the enforcement is too weak, and leaks are already occurring. Australia tried this, and it didn’t work. The NY quarantine will get tougher.

In other handy hints from Downunder, we suggest using security guards that don’t sleep with their subjects. …

It’s the same pattern all over the world:

Borders are the bargain tools to starve viruses. Only arrogantly rich nations can pretend they don’t need them. But even they succumb after the first wave of rampant RNA. …

If the [US] state and federal lines had been shut in March, with masks and Vitamin D, with HCQ and mass testing, the US might have been down to just a couple of hundred new cases a day like Italy. Some states would be completely free. Trump would have been seen as a hero. He’d be unstoppable.