Our De Facto Antiwhite Apartheid

Our De Facto Antiwhite Apartheid, by David Cole.

Today in America there’s a double standard, and if you’re white, you’re on the ass end of it. Our authority figures no longer feel the need to pretend that “fairness” is the goal. …

When whites react angrily to their current treatment by claiming “it’s unfair” or “it’s discriminatory,” they’re refusing to acknowledge (or maybe they just can’t bring themselves to acknowledge) that the definitions have shifted to the extent that black radicals and their allies don’t dispute that point. Yes, it’s discriminatory. Yes, it’s unfair. For only through unfairness and discrimination will we achieve fairness and nondiscrimination.

American whites are having a difficult time wrapping their brains around this reality. And indeed, the new apartheid is an odd beast because, unlike previous segregationist systems, unlike Jim Crow, unlike South Africa’s apartheid or Nazi Germany’s Nuremberg Laws, this new American apartheid is de facto. It’s off the books. It’s built to breathe and function comfortably within the confines of our Constitution.

It’s a 21st-century apartheid tailor-made for the internet age. We’ve already surrendered the “public square” of free speech to the private sector; you absolutely can be silenced online just for being white, while the “mainstream” media is totally within its rights to clog the airwaves and internet with antiwhite propaganda. This one-sided marketplace of ideas is completely constitutional.

Scientists who make the mistake of accurately reporting findings that anger blacks are totally free to withdraw their papers. Nothing illegal about that! Dummies like Stalin used to have the state censor scientists. Good thing we have a Constitution, which ensures that scientists are free to self-censor once they “see the light.” In the Soviet Union, criticism of Lysenkoism was banned by government decree.

The advantage of de facto over de jure is that with no formal ban, there’s nothing concrete to fight.

Employment? An employer might not technically be able to fire you just for being white, but once the Twitter mob sets its sights on not just you but your place of employment, you can be let go because your presence is impeding the functioning of the company. You’re not being fired for your views, but for your baggage, which has become a “distraction.” …

Speaking of public gatherings, whites can totally be confined to their homes for “COVID lockdowns” while blacks get to rampage freely through the streets, because the BLM riots are not technically state-approved. We all know that mayors and governors have allowed the riots, but they retain the plausible deniability that they never officially “sanctioned” them. Again, de facto. No city, no state passed a law saying “whites must stay home; blacks can go outside.” Such a law would be unconstitutional! No, the double standard “just happened.” It was “out of our hands.”

How can people fight back when there are no laws or official policies to challenge? That was always the fatal flaw with legally codified, racially tiered systems. Laws give people something to target. …

Whites cannot bring themselves to even say “white”.

The news for whites is grim. Politicians in both parties have already decided to either go along with de facto apartheid, or at least not overtly oppose it. Whites have no advocates left. The closest thing whites have to an advocate with a major national platform is Tucker Carlson, and he won’t say the word “white”

Antiwhite apartheid can’t be countered if you can’t be specific… Carlson knows that even with his strong ratings, appearing to advocate too stridently for whites would be a fireable offense.

You know Carlson’s talking about whites, he knows he’s talking about whites, leftists know he’s talking about whites, and everyone’s doing the Know Nothing dance because naming the victims is forbidden.

When your No. 1 advocate can’t say your name, you are in trouble.

And white America is in trouble. …

Too many whites today — not all, to be sure, but many — seem resigned to their apartheid fate.

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Selective enforcement of the laws has led to a new apartheid. What’s next for US whites, apart from becoming a minority in the country they built?