Slavery Is Still Rife in Britain. So Where Are the BLM Protests?

Slavery Is Still Rife in Britain. So Where Are the BLM Protests? By James Delingpole.

Maybe there’s a clue buried somewhere in this report. It describes how, according to the anti-slavery charity Justice and Care, there are nearly 100,000 slaves working across Britain. …

Some of these modern slaves are brought over … thinking they’re going to start an exciting new life in a booming economy only to find that actually the people who smuggled them are pimps who want them to work as prostitutes; others are forced to do hard labour, or work in domestic servitude or crime. Yet most of the time the ruthless criminal networks running this slave trade get away with it.

Political correctness is to blame, just as it enabled Britain’s rape epidemic of white and Sikh girls by Pakistani Muslims:

Years of convictions and reports show time and time again many of those involved in running the modern slave trade belong to ethnic minorities and, therefore, appear to be beyond reproach by the left.

See Operation Fort, the largest anti-slavery prosecution in modern history where eight Polish nationals are now serving time for abusing hundreds of victims. Or the most infamous case of exploitation in modern British history when 21 slaves drowned in Morecambe bay at the hands of their Chinese gangmasters. Or the joint Anglo-Spanish police busts that saw 12 arrests made for using ‘voodoo’ magic to control women for sex slavery work. Even Britain’s National Crime Agency has cited the European Union’s freedom of movement rules for exacerbating the modern slavery problem. …

As with the Islamist rape gangs which for years acted with virtual impunity in cities and towns across Britain, so with the slave trade: it seems the local authorities and the police have largely turned a blind eye to the practice either because they are in on the game themselves or because they are scared of being called ‘racist’ or because, a bit like the Mafia, some ethnic minority communities consider themselves not to be bound by the rules that apply to the broader populace because ‘cultural reasons.’ …

And it shows the Wankerati who have come out in support of Black Lives Matter to be nothing but a bunch of preening, shallow, virtue-signalling gimps. Anyone can be big and brave in condemning something that ended over two hundred years ago — and which everyone in the world agrees was a disgrace. But it takes courage, conviction and moral purpose to do, as Andrew Bridgen MP has done, and speak out against modern slavery.

The current ruling class is disgusting.