Coronavirus: Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne linked to tower cluster

Coronavirus: Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne linked to tower cluster. By Rachel Blaxendale.

Victorian health authorities have confirmed a link between two COVID-19 cases in people who attended the Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne’s CBD just over a month ago, and the cluster of at least 242 cases in public housing towers in the city’s inner northwest. …

Melbourne, 7 June 2020

The confirmation of the link follows 10,000 people attending the June 6 rally. The event went ahead after the Andrews government and DHHS advised people to “consider other ways to show support” for the Black Lives Matter cause, but backed a Victoria Police decision not to issue fines to those who attended.

While the confirmation stops short of establishing the protest as a cause of the public housing megacluster, it demonstrates clear links between the mass gathering, attendees who tested positive, and the state’s largest COVID-19 cluster to date.

It also poses new questions about when authorities first became aware of the risk to the 3000 residents of high rise public housing towers in Flemington and North Melbourne, who were last week subjected to the harshest lockdown in the democratic world.

So the Australian second wave wasn’t only due to a bungled quarantine. BLM has hurt Australia already!

Political virtue signalling is all fun and games until someone gets hurt — or someone’s civilization. (But only the non-left ever uses the word “civilization” any more. Ever wonder why that is?)