PC Enforcement in Action: Orwell Cancelled

PC Enforcement in Action: Orwell Cancelled. By Paul Joseph Watson.

Despite being dead for 70 years, George Orwell may become the latest public figure to be cancelled after a left-wing journalist called him a “vile man” who aided the Nazis with his strident criticism of Stalinist Russia. …

Respondents pointed out that criticizing Stalinism, which killed multiple times more people than Nazism, doesn’t make one a fascist enabler. …

“This is my favourite cancellation yet. Top 10 of the last hour anyway,” said Alex Boyd. ..

Just as we have seen with attempts to topple statues of Winston Churchill, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, the woke mob is so intent on re-writing history and imposing a cultural revolution, not even some of the most seminal names in history are safe.

The communists have always hated Orwell’s Animal Farm, with its crack about the pigs being more equal than other animals. On the other hand, they always rather liked 1984.