The violence of intolerance is damaging our children

The violence of intolerance is damaging our children, by Frank Furedi.

“You have to show that you are with Black Lives Matter, otherwise your mates will reject you and label you a white racist,” a 15-year-old schoolboy informs me.

His friend, 16-year-old Lucy, struggles to express her feelings when she tries to explain her reaction to the pressure to fall in line. She supports BLM but has decided not to go to any of the protests. When her friends discovered her absence, they let rip and attacked her behaviour. “I really resent being shamed and forced to apologise for not going on the demo,” she says, before adding: “Maybe I was wrong not to show that I care.” …

The peer pressure to conform is not only politicised, it is also institutionalised. There are now organised groups of teenage vigilantes in the US who are devoted to the mission of exposing and punishing other children whose online posts they perceive as racist or insensitive. Anonymous Instagram accounts devoted to exposing supposedly racist comments made by fellow students have emerged in the US. Within a few hours one such account, launched at San Marcos High School in California, attracted about 900 new followers. …

BLM has overtaken environmentalism as the newest hottest religion for virtue signalers:

One of the most significant outcomes of the BLM protests is the rapidity with which its message became endorsed by virtually every powerful cultural institution in the Anglo-American world. Especially on social media, the failure to demonstrate solidarity with BLM is often regarded as akin to religious heresy.

Almost overnight, celebrities and cultural institutions — and ­especially the media — have declared to atone for the sin of racism by literally getting on one knee and begging for forgiveness. …

The cultivation of deference — which is captured by the demand to acknowledge your privilege — is underpinned by the presumption that whiteness is a form of original sin.

According to the authors of this notion, all white people are racist. This point is forcefully argued in Robin DiAngelo’s influential bestseller White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism. As far as DiAngelo is concerned, the real problem is not white people who are hardcore racists, the real threat is posed by those “colourblind” whites who are convinced they are not racists. That is why forcing colourblind whites to confess to their racism has become transformed into a ­ritual of self-abasement.

Discrimination against whites is the core tenet of the new religion. Better watch out if your skin is pale.

hat-tip Stephen Neil