Coronavirus in Victoria: Islamic school Al-Taqwa College is Victoria’s second-biggest cluster

Coronavirus in Victoria: Islamic school Al-Taqwa College is Victoria’s second-biggest cluster. By Rachel Blaxendale.

Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton says health authorities are treating all 2000 students and 300 teachers at the state’s largest Islamic school as close ­contacts, after it emerged as the site of Victoria’s second-biggest coronavirus cluster.

The number of cases on Tuesday reached 90 at Al-Taqwa College, in the outer western suburb of Truganina, just over a week after the first case was made public on June 29.

The only larger Victorian cluster so far is the 111 cases that were linked to abattoir Cedar Meats [which is halal-certified, and whose name suggests a Lebanese connection].

Chris heard a rumor, and has some opinions (paraphrased):

I have it on good authority, though as yet uncorroborated (and certainly unmentioned in the media), that a number of mosques in the northern and western suburbs and other similar gatherings, recommenced in earnest after the unsanctioned and inconsistently treated (no penalties for activists breaching physical distance rules) BLM march in Melbourne.

Although I don’t like many of Dan Andrews’ stated views, I had believed he was exhibiting [in the media] the necessary ‘statesmanlike’ qualities to stand tall as Premier representing the interests of all Victorians during a critical emergency black swan event — standing outside and above the corruption and distraction of party political noise.

However, we now hear he was ‘in charge’ of a Labor Party that:

  • Rejected the ADF, when the Federal Government offered to oversee the Hotel Quarantine program at no charge to the Victorian taxpayer. Instead Victorian Labor went with security firms owned by motor cycle gangs that ghosted employees and exchanging ‘leave passes’ and other items in breach of the quarantine for cash and sexual favours.
  • Did the least of any state government to dissuade the BLM marches from going ahead. While the marches probably did little to spread infection in themselves, being outdoors, they gave the green light to everyone else to recommence normal gatherings — “hey don’t worry, they’re ignoring social distancing with no penalties.”
  • Suppressed information about outbreaks in Islamic businesses and institutions (major donors and branch stackers).

The government it seems, is now cloaking the information in spin, blaming everyone else while not acknowledging its own ‘glaring mistakes’.  Nor is the cheerleading media simply telling the truth.

Not good.

The outbreak is clearly due to much more than any mischief from Islamic sources, so please don’t single out the Muslims for blame (even though some jihadists overseas are cheering the virus on).

hat-tip Chris