American Patriots In LA Defy Tyrannical 4th Of July Fireworks Ban In Dazzling Display Of Solidarity

American Patriots In LA Defy Tyrannical 4th Of July Fireworks Ban In Dazzling Display Of Solidarity, by Right Country.

If anybody was wondering whether or not there really is a silent majority in America that is against domestic terrorists like Antifa and Black Lives Matter and who value freedom and personal liberty and who are not willing to accept a “new normal” in America, all you had to do was look to the night sky on the 4th of July for your answer. The silent majority is real and we love America.

While the government refused to celebrate our country’s independence, citizens everywhere took it upon themselves to shoot off fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July the way we always do. State and local governments across the US did more than just refuse to acknowledge the 4th, they actively tried to prohibit free citizens from exercising their freedom to celebrate it but Americans were having none of it.

Freedom-loving patriots across the country sent up millions of signals to indicate they are with the silent majority. Every firework that lit the night sky seemed to send the message that this is America, the land of the free, and while corrupt politicians may try, we aren’t going to just lay down our rights without a fight.

In Los Angeles, thousands of residents defied tyrannical Mayor Eric Garcetti’s citywide ban on fireworks in the name of COVID, lighting the sky across the entire city with a remarkable number of fireworks. …

A stunned KCAL reporter in the clip relayed that each person shooting off fireworks was subject to a potential $50,000 fine.



The people gave the ‘authorities’ the collective finger big time with their defiant pyrotechnic display. Let’s hope that they can maintain the rage and vote the bastards out in the upcoming elections. But it’s pretty difficult for the normals to do so considering The Great Replacement that has taken place in California over the last 60 years.

Note that the video contained the caption “Illegal Fireworks”. The no-doubt lefty news station was at pains to point out that those nasty, racist, patriotic types who were whooping it up for the (now newly-minted ‘racist’) July 4th celebrations were acting ‘illegally’. No such sub-heading was ever appended to the videos of left-wing  anarchists recently performing outrageous illegal acts such as arson, property destruction, looting, the attacking of cops and whites, general mayhem and violence and sometimes even murder. Nope. That wasn’t illegal. That was just protesters doing what good protesters do: protest. And if you suggest otherwise you know what you will be labelled: it starts with ‘r’ and and ends in ‘t’. Fill in the blanks.

hat-tip Stephen Harper