Sweden Buckles

Sweden Buckles, by Oliver Moody.

The Swedish prime minister has ordered a public inquiry into his government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis after the country recorded more than 5000 COVID-19 deaths.

Sweden has found itself isolated in Europe because of its unorthodox strategy, under which it kept most schools, bars, restaurants and businesses open in the belief that the severe lockdowns imposed by its neighbours would be counter-productive.

Since then its per capita death rate has risen to the fifth-highest in the world despite a sparsely distributed population and a well-regarded hospital system. …

Politicians take over from the scientists — the death toll is too high:

Stefan Lofven, the centre-left prime minister, said the time had come for a shift in its approach.

“The crisis has highlighted the shortcomings in our society,” he said. “We have thousands of dead. Now the question is how Sweden should change, not if.” …

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has copped much criticism for his advice on the crisis, and acknowledges there have been ‘too many deaths’ … and Sweden should have responded more aggressively to the pandemic.

The contagion is not out of control in Sweden, and the hospital system is not overwhelmed. Their strategy of going for herd immunity is on track.

But they have incurred 5,370 deaths so far. With only 70,000 confirmed cases, probably about 280,000 Swedes have been infected to date. This is only 2.8% of the population (of 10 million). With another 67% of the country still to get sick under the original strategy, they might expect as many as another 100,000 deaths. Seems a bit unnecessary, when nearly every other country in Europe has crushed the curve and is now getting few infections and almost no deaths.

(Will those anti-lockdown US websites now stop abusing everyone who doesn’t agree with them?)