Harvard Student threatens to stab anyone who says “all lives matter.”

Harvard Student threatens to stab anyone who says “all lives matter.” By NewsAlert.

Some Harvard students seem unaware that the 1964 Civil Rights Act and Section 1 of the 14th Amendment applies to everyone. Makes you wonder what they are teaching at Harvard ? To you employers out there: are Harvard students the individuals you would want on the payroll?

Notice the passion, but notice also the intellectual confusion engendered by the new definition of “racism”. These students have been taught that racial differences in outcome are evidence of “racism.” Worse still, they have been indoctrinated that inequalities of opportunity — à la racial discrimination, such as affirmative action — must be increased until equality of outcome is achieved. Communism in another guise.

UPDATE: She loses her Deloitte job over TikTok ‘stab threat’. By Lee Brown.

The Harvard graduate … revealed in a new pair of recordings that she has lost her job over the perceived threats and ensuing furor.

… a teary Claira Janover said in a new video posted Wednesday afternoon. “The job that I’d worked really hard to get and meant a lot to me has called me and fired me because of everything.”

Janover’s LinkedIn account lists her as an “incoming government and public business service analyst” at Deloitte, a UK-based accounting firm.

During the video, Janover gestured to what appears to be a page from the company’s website, and noted that she was axed “even though they claim to stand against systematic bias, racism and unequal treatment.” …

Janover, who contended that the message was an analogy rather than a serious threat, has since deleted that video, but said that she’s since received a deluge of threats against her own life and safety. …

Through tears, a defiant Janover vowed not to back down.

Maybe she’s now learning something Harvard should have taught her. Unequal outcomes does not mean there was unequal treatment.