The American Dream Died with Your Generation

The American Dream Died with Your Generation. By Tucker Carlson. Must watch.

A new party is being born on the Tucker Carlson show. Getting down to brass tacks now. The rest of the West nearly always follows US trends, so this matters to you too.


Tucker is frightening in this one. This may be our last chance. If the Democrats win it is over. Tucker is correct about the Republicans.

UPDATE: Tucker Carlson, now officially the king of cable news, delivers historic challenge to GOP, by Thomas Lifson.

Tucker Carlson now has the highest ratings of any program in cable news history, adding extra weight to his historic program last night [above], in which he laid out the peril ahead if Biden wins and a clear strategy for the clueless GOP to follow in order to prevent that from happening. …

If the Republic survives in recognizable form, Tucker Carlson’s challenge to the Republican Party last night will be recognized for its historic importance as a turning point. …

Unless history is written by leftists after their revolution from above succeeds, Carlson’s epic statement last night will be recognized as far braver and far more important than Murrow’s McCarthy broadcast 66 years ago, at the dawn of television.

hat-tip Charles