A Whole New Breed of White People

A Whole New Breed of White People, by Jim Goad.

The left’s narrative:

The 1977 ABC miniseries Roots — despite its slew of historical inaccuracies and outright fabrications — injected lethal doses of guilt into white America’s collective unconscious when it first aired. But over 40 years later, its main narrative remains welded into the public consciousness: There has been a lot of suffering in America, all of it perpetrated by whites and all of it suffered by blacks.

American whites have heard this narrative their whole lives. This nuance-free reading of history, with one side purely evil and the other purely good, has escalated in severity over the years. Many, if not most, American whites have even internalized it.

The reality:

But it has not been their experience. At all. Their entire lives they’ve been told who they are, and they know it’s not true. …

They have never known the slightest taste of the “white privilege” they’ve been accused of enjoying. The only identity allowed to them is one of self-abnegation and shame. In fact, “allowed” is too gentle a term — this identity is being forced on them. …

I’d encourage all white Americans to watch nine hours and thirty-six minutes of handheld video from the ongoing riots that depict black mobs beating the ever-living fuck out of white people from coast to coast and overseas.

Force their eyelids to remain open Clockwork Orange-style for nearly ten hours and make them look at all the misspelled calls for white genocide. Have them look at video after video of bloodthirsty black mobs torturing white people for no other crime than being white — and laughing while they do it. Force them to stare at white people so thoroughly demoralized that they throw screaming fits at the mere possibility of publicly being outed as a “racist.” Force them to observe how UC Berkeley recently issued a statement acknowledging that, yes, OK, sure, a white student was recently murdered, but “many of us” are too busy mourning the far more important black deaths that occurred thousands of miles from campus to really care about that dead white boy.

How will they be able to deny that what’s going on right here and right now is easily as cruel and systematic as anything depicted in Roots?

There are so many of these videos. And so many people I know tell me they can’t watch them anymore. It’s too sickening. But they also feel helpless. And hopeless. And that’s not encouraging when a war is being waged against you.

They know they’re not what they’ve been told they are. They also know that if they speak up, they will be dogpiled. …

Systematic vituperation has consequences:

There are now entire generations of whites who’ve only known the “privilege” of being blamed for all the evil throughout world history. …

White Americans have endured a systematic program of brainwashing that would have alarmed Orwell. They’ve watched how double standards have copulated, breeding quadruple and octuple standards. They’ve been forced to embrace a world that is obviously upside-down, because they know if they open their mouths, their teeth will get kicked out.

But what happens if you remain silent but get kicked in the teeth anyway?

People, especially in groups, have a tremendous capacity for self-deception, but it’s not limitless.

What’s wrong with wanting to live in a world that is friendly to the very idea of your existence?

What’s wrong with objecting to a world that blames you for everything that’s wrong in it?

And how do any of these simple questions qualify as “extremism”?

When in history has a majority population allowed this to be done to themselves? What does it say about the mental condition of white Americans that the moment in their history when they are least likely to attack and demean blacks is also the time when they are most convinced that white-on-black attacks are out of control? …

What happens when modern whites realize they are guilty of nothing and are the sole victims of organized modern racial hatred? …

Like the blacks and Jews before them, whites are going to develop an identity through being unfairly picked on:

Whether or not you’re dumb enough to believe race is a social construct, you should at least be wise enough to realize that white people are easy to pick out of a crowd. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re on the “other” side — your skin color marks and tags you as white. An identity has been forced on you. Groucho Marx said he’d never join a club that would have him as a member. But no white person has a choice about belonging to this club — their membership is tattooed on every square inch of their skin.

Black identity was formed by outsiders by constant persecution. So was Zionism. And the new white identity will be formed the same way. By necessity, whites will bond based on a common shared experience of being demonized. People who weren’t remotely “racist” a year ago now realize they’re being targeted.

White people will finally discard the ancient Roots stereotypes and realize their new reality is encapsulated by all the handheld video beatings that blacks administer to whites and post on World Star Hip Hop. A new identity will be formed not on what they’re being told about the past, but what they’ve witnessed with their own eyes.

Suddenly whites are realizing that this whole “anti-whiteness” thing is reality — almost enshrined into law at this point — rather than a cockamamie conspiracy theory.

Great. The left have tribalized the West. Once a society goes tribal, it’s difficult to go back. Ideology and debates over policy mean nothing — all that matters is your skin color or tribe.