Twitch suspends Donald Trump’s account as Reddit bans his supporters’ biggest community

Twitch suspends Donald Trump’s account as Reddit bans his supporters’ biggest community. By RT.

On the same day streaming platform Twitch suspended Donald Trump’s account for violating their hateful conduct policy, social networking site Reddit has shut down its largest group supportive of the president.

Banned for hate speech by Twitch and Reddit.

The subreddit ‘The_Donald’ was the most popular community devoted to supporters of the president and included more than 790,000 users, who often used the space to post political memes and videos. Reddit executives have accused the group of targeting and harassing individuals and consistently breaking its conduct rules. …

Twitch flagged and removed multiple pieces of content from the president as hateful -– some of which is incredibly old, including a rebroadcast of Trump’s kickoff rally, in which he infamously claimed that many illegal immigrants are the “worst” Mexico has to offer, like rapists. …

Reddit also banned multiple other accounts for violating their policies, though some have accused the company of using a mass ban to cover up a bias against the Trump community. “Reddit’s ban [of] a bunch of mostly irrelevant subreddits … is just cover to ban r/The_Donald, which was the largest pro-MAGA community on the Internet,” tweeted YouTuber and Human Events Managing Editor Ian Miles Cheong. …

Twitch sold to Amazon in 2014, making it a subsidiary of a company owned by Jeff Bezos, a frequent critic of Trump who has clashed with the president multiple times on Twitter [and who owns the Washington Post].

Will Twitter ban Trump before November 3? You know they want to. Probably already penciled in for some day in October.

hat-tip Stephen Neil