Corporate America is Throwing Facebook Under the Bus

Corporate America is Throwing Facebook Under the Bus, by Robert Wenzel.

A massive number of major corporations are falling in line and will boycott Facebook in July by not advertising at the social media web site giant for at least the month.

The alleged Facebook “crime” is that it has not censored enough “hate” posts. In other words, Facebook has allowed too much freedom of speech as far as the Mao crowd is concerned.

Zuckerberg is the new Robespierre, falling afoul of the mob for not being left enough. Q: Where can I get off the purity spiral? A: You can’t comrade, you can’t.

Corporate America is either in line with the thinking of the Mao crowd or fears them.

More than 150 companies have decided to stop advertising spending on Facebook for the month, including Verizon,  Coca-Cola, Unilever, Honda, Lending Club, Ben and Jerry’s and The North Face. The full list of boycotters is updated here. …

The advance of the radical leftists continues to accelerate.

It is very difficult to judge how much staying-power this anti-capitalist movement has but it has to be taken extremely seriously. They for sure are not playing.

For example, they are now threatening Target because the retailer calls the police on blacks who shoplift.