How family who broke public health restrictions by celebrating the end of Ramadan caused one of Victoria’s biggest COVID-19 clusters

How family who broke public health restrictions by celebrating the end of Ramadan caused one of Victoria’s biggest COVID-19 clusters, by Alana Mazzoni.

One of Victoria’s biggest coronavirus clusters came from a Muslim family who broke public health orders to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

The state has had 128 new cases of COVID-19 in the past week, with 20 cases and a death recorded on Wednesday.

A gathering in Coburg, north of the city, last month has been linked to at least 14 cases across multiple households.

The party was to celebrate Eid — the end of the Muslim holy month — on the weekend of May 23 and 24.

Attendees were in breach of Victoria’s lockdown measures, which at the time prohibited households from having more than five guests. …

Islam is superior, naturally:

Islamic Council of Victoria vice-president Adel Salman said he heard speculation about large gatherings within the Muslim community, but said there was no proof of links to new cases.

‘By and large, I think the Muslim community has been exemplary,’ Mr Salman said.

Andrew Bolt:

For this to happen to Victoria would seem bizarre. Didn’t it have the most insanely tough restrictions? Didn’t it ban even fishing, golf and visits to Mum? …

From what little we’re told by this secretive Labor government, many of the sick are probably from immigrant families, at least one of which had a member work as a guard in a hotel housing travellers in quarantine.

That family group, spread over several households in Keilor East, is responsible for 15 of the infections, including a boy who then went to school.

Just what kind of families are involved, neither the government nor the Ethnic Communities Council will say. We must rely only on hints to figure what’s really going on.

One hint confirms we are fast becoming a nation of tribes, struggling to share even a common language — a lethal problem in an emergency like this.

Victoria’s Health Department has translated coronavirus warnings in 53 languages and advertised in 22 of them, but Health Minister Jenny Mikakos on Wednesday said even this wasn’t enough. “I guess some people are …. not really watching mainstream media. They’re only getting their information in their own language from their own news sources,” she said.

Maha Abdo, head of Muslim Women Australia, insists on much simpler messaging from government, maybe using pictures.

Doesn’t this demonstrate that Australians are now dangerously disconnected from each other? …

Premier Daniel Andrews blamed half the new infections on “principally families, larger families often, making decisions that are not in accordance with the rules”.

This wasn’t because the families simply didn’t understand those rules. There had also been “wilful conduct” — deliberate rule-breaking. On Monday, police found 13 people — not necessarily from these families — supposed to be in quarantine who had left home.

This outbreak will keep millions of people locked down for an extra couple of months, and cost billions. Chalk that one up to diversity and tribalism?