Why Are University Students So Stupidity-Friendly?

Why Are University Students So Stupidity-Friendly? By Robert Weissberg.

Let me offer a personal account based on decades of university teaching where this nonsense initially metastasized from a few quirky campus ideas to a conquering idiocy. …

I began teaching government at an ivy league school in 1969. … Stupidities were immediately confronted, often sarcastically and grading was tough. Some colleagues especially relished slicing and dicing fools, and students years later, would praise these martinets for “making me think and work hard.” Survivors could boast of a world-class, rigorous education.

Matters began shifting in the ’70s … The introduction of student course evaluations was critical.

Unfortunately, the professors who still embraced the Marine drill sergeant approach were severely disadvantaged, particularly since all ratings were anonymous. Hard to achieve high ratings by assigning hard readings, giving low grades, imposing a no-nonsense excuse policy, and requiring mandatory attendance.

Most of all, since course evaluations invariably asked, “Did the instructor respect your opinions?” sharp-tongued professors embarrassing students for their foolish utterances were penalized. No savvy instructor would now challenge a student who “explained” that socialism could end homelessness by eliminating all rent. If he did, the humiliated student would anonymously write how she felt ashamed, cried herself to sleep and felt diminished self-esteem. Tellingly, the professor had no right of appeal, even to dispute the facts nor could he or she insist that frankness promoted learning. For untenured junior faculty, a few such “troubling” complaints could be career-ending.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Now these pampered snow flakes have entered the work force and are increasingly running the show. What a disaster! They now have to learn reality the hard way — at our expense — because they managed to avoid it during their “education”.